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Old TV adverts

I think this has been posted before but it's worth another run because we have lots more Noddlers now.I'm looking for your favourite old tv ads and what prompted this was my drive back to London yesterday.Smoke gets in your eyes by the Platters came on the radio and it reminded me like it does every time I hear it of the old advert for paraffin with the cartoon bloke with the bowler hat singing"Boom boom boom boom Esso Blue."

FoxyCollin...Mon, 05th Apr 2010

The song went "They asked me how I knew it was Esso Blue I of course replied with lower grades one buys smoke gets in your eyes."

batteredha...Mon, 05th Apr 2010

"You'll Wonder Where The Yellow Went, When You Brush Your Teeth With Pepsodent" - I followed their instructions but sadly still ended up with plastic Knashers!!

DeacongirlMon, 05th Apr 2010

'Come and talk to the listening bank' which I sang as it happens! Oh and.... 'Shake and Vac' which I didnt sing.

BigColMon, 05th Apr 2010

Also remember "De Esso sign mean 'appy motoring, De Esso sign mean 'appy motoring, De Esso sign mean 'appy motoring, Call at de Esso sign." To be found with loads of others at .... classictvads.co.uk/homepage.ht... Can't get into today's ads. Most of my TV watching is recorded on Sky plus these days so I tend to skip over the ads. Some of the old ones are great though. Wonderful non-PC days.

FoxyCollin...Mon, 05th Apr 2010

The Milky Bar Kid is tough and strong,the Milky Bar Kid just can't go wrong,the Milky Bar Kid only eats what's right that's Milky Bar it's sweet and white,Nestle's Milky Baaaarrr.

BigColMon, 05th Apr 2010

"Now hands that do dishes can feel soft as your arse, with mild green fairy Liquid"

FoxyCollin...Mon, 05th Apr 2010

Oy Col youknow it was as soft as your face are you in a bad mood today?

BigColMon, 05th Apr 2010

Don't supposed you'd believe that was a typo would you?

FoxyCollin...Mon, 05th Apr 2010


PaulaKMon, 05th Apr 2010


nibblesTue, 06th Apr 2010

A handfull of Smarties goes a long long way, It's a combination of colours that sends the blues away,A handfull of Smarties as the band begings to play, Cos a handfull of Smarties goes a long long way!

MasterSign...Tue, 06th Apr 2010

Watch out theres a Humprey about!

PaulaKTue, 06th Apr 2010

A is for Alpha, B is for Bites, C for yourself that they taste just right. D is for Dinner, E is for Eggs, letters so tasty from a through to z. Crisp golden potato and fluffy inside, oven baked, grilled or fried. Made by Birds Eye, you can't buy better and called alphabites 'cause each ones a letter!

NotGandalfSun, 21st Nov 2010

Don't Forget,

When It's Wet,

Kendall Keeps You Dry.

F'nah F'nah.

BigColSun, 21st Nov 2010

Don't remember that one NG, but nevertheless, thanks for the image of Felicity I now have in my head.

BigColSun, 21st Nov 2010

Lipsmackinthirstquenchinacetastinmotivatingoodbuzzincooltalkinhighwalkinfastlivinevergivincoolfizzin Pepsi.


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FluffySun, 21st Nov 2010

Watch out watch out there's a Humphrey about!

TheWizardSun, 21st Nov 2010

Someone's mum just doesn't know what someone's mum really aught to know, so someone's mum better get to know that PERSIL washed whiter!

Your never alone with a Strand (Ciggie Ad)

I always say Please to Players, cos Players mean pleasure to me (Another ciggie ad)

What we need is Watney's Red barrel.

A Double Diamond Works Wonders.

Bing Crosby singing "I'm going well on Shell,Shell, Shell"

Don't forget the Fruit Gums Mum (A young Dennis Waterman)

BassistMon, 22nd Nov 2010

"Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate...." and "Beer at home means Davenports, that's the beer, lots of cheer, with finest malt and hops and yeast, turns a snack into a feast. Straight from brewery to your home, Why collect? we'll deliver, soon you'll know why folks all say, beer at home means Davenports".

TheWizardMon, 22nd Nov 2010

Cadets bring quality to smaller cigarettes.

Fry's Turkish Delight.

Don't forget the TV Times, The only way to see, what's coming on ITV is to go and get the TV Times.

Katie and Philip with the OxO ads.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh The Bisto Kids.

Now hands that do dishes can stay soft as your face, with mild green Fairy Liquid.

Mummy why are your hands so soft? Cos I got a F***ing dishwasher. Now f**k off and go and play in the Traffic.

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