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Religious book burning


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Just found this video by a chap called Juan the fisherman. Please help us help him get it out to America in the next 24 hours. Just use the noddleit links to facebook and twitter below this article and email it to all your friends too. Thanks Juan, made me smile.

scandalFri, 10th Sep 2010

after watch tv all day. this is the best thing i have seen. is that your prayer mat drying on the line????

baldeagle6...Sat, 11th Sep 2010

having had a bad day at the office. this really cheered me up. thank you

BluehoundSat, 11th Sep 2010

Am I the only one who expected the beard to go up in flames, glad it didn't.

TheGreatVi...Sat, 11th Sep 2010

Apparently the chap who did it thought about that but was worried about actual scarring.

rudgeySat, 11th Sep 2010

ha ha ha ha ha ha

MamaPSat, 11th Sep 2010


BassistSat, 11th Sep 2010

Is nothing sacred? I thought he was going to burn the Buble.... and I'm partial to a crooner. Pity it couldn't be interactive - vote Burn the Buble or Burn the Blair or Burn the Beard? Very funny Dr. Singh.

riveriakidSat, 11th Sep 2010

Sooo Funny!My Washing Drier leans at an angle as well.Im sharing. Liked the reference to South Devon!

BigColSat, 11th Sep 2010

Um - just in case you're interested I know a good decorator who could work wonders on the French doors at the back.

valleygirlSun, 12th Sep 2010

Oh dear - this is so so funny. I did have reservations initially but well done TGV.

I thought you may have flown away on that magic behind you on the washing line.

valleygirlSun, 12th Sep 2010

Oh dear I don't know where the *carpet* went from that last post.

TheGreatVi...Mon, 13th Sep 2010

I have no idea what you're talking about valleygirl, this was found on the internet by a user called Juanthefisherman who lives in Spain. Nothing to do with me whatsoever. Although Dr Singh could be a great character to copy at the next theatre show.

MasterSign...Mon, 13th Sep 2010

and i was most definately no where near wherever this might have taken place, but if i was, i have take my hat off to whoever did it and their powers of spur of the moment comedy.

mephistoMon, 13th Sep 2010

I am crying! Really enjoyed this madness!

TheGreatVi...Tue, 14th Sep 2010

Did this Juan guy actually know that the Indian Prime Minister is actually called Dr Singh?

MamaPTue, 14th Sep 2010

This man reminds me of someone, can't quite think where i've seen him. Think he's my sisters next dooor neighbour.

NotGandalfTue, 14th Sep 2010

Dr Singe Dybrows?

colgiffTue, 14th Sep 2010

Ive gotta say. that really creased me up, Brilliant. We need more. More I tell you. More.

BassistTue, 14th Sep 2010

still funny

LadyVTue, 14th Sep 2010

Dr Singh from Brum...Isn't his brother the one who gave up his takeaway business and now runs the taxi firm? By the sound of his accent, which has a distinct Spanish influence, I think he may even be distantly related to that Ricky Martinez bloke...

TheGreatVi...Wed, 15th Sep 2010

I think the chap who put it on youtube is from Spain, well he states that he lives there and he is called Juan The Fisherman so thats probably where you can hear the accent coming in.

LadyVWed, 15th Sep 2010

OOOH of course! Is he related to Mr Martinez? I wonder where he ever got to? Don't suppose you know do you?

MandyWed, 15th Sep 2010

Watched this on my Dad's face-book account, very funny. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Agree with LadyV he sounds more Spanish than Indian but actually made it funnier.

HoodieWed, 15th Sep 2010

I think your having us juan

BigColWed, 15th Sep 2010

Someone's trying to get juan over on us.

Hi_ImJennyWed, 15th Sep 2010

Hahaha, that's made my day! Only problem was that Tony Blair seemed to be staring at me throughout the video...

MasterSign...Wed, 15th Sep 2010

what a juanker.

TheGreatVi...Sun, 12th Dec 2010

Just as a matter of interest, it was interesting to see the preacher on Sky News tonight (12th Dec) and when asked how he would feel about a muslim burning a bible, he says it happens every day in America. Reminded me of this article I found a while back.

GetanactSun, 12th Dec 2010

Shades of sellers, loved it lol

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