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What may I ask constitutes a minger? Is it a case of not meeting your own expectations or standards? Is one persons minger another persons delight? Please enlighten me on this. Can a male or female be a minger?

BigColWed, 13th Oct 2010

I love the Urban Dictionary definition of 'a male or female who fell out of the ugly tree at birth and hit every branch on the way down'.

rudgeyWed, 13th Oct 2010

isnt buetey in the eye of the beholder or summat like that init tho ,,,,, ill get me coat think me spollng is mingin in it lol

BigColThu, 14th Oct 2010

A minger is someonge who is ing the ngews at the momengt for being rescued from a minge ing Chile havingg beeng trapped for over two mongths.

MasterSign...Thu, 14th Oct 2010

a word men use for unfortunate looking women that still wont sleep with them.

BluehoundThu, 14th Oct 2010

The Minger is a mythical creature created by boozy hazes on a night out. You can be sat chatting up a beautiful member of the opposite sex all night and then the next morning your mates say " What were you thinking s/he was a Minger ?". That's not how you remember it they must just be winding you up. Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.

Hi_ImJennyThu, 14th Oct 2010

I'm heading home this weekend Mama and will be in company of many a minger. Care to join me? I can't promise a David Attenborough style lesson but perhaps a Palin-ish commentary?

BigColThu, 14th Oct 2010

I've never heard 'beauty is in the eye of the beerholder' before. Have a nod for that Blue. It is true though - you can drink a minger attractive.

BluehoundThu, 14th Oct 2010

Saw this just today, seems relevant


Click to Play


riveriakidThu, 14th Oct 2010

Dont know what a Minger is MamaP But as ever theres a website for it.

riveriakidThu, 14th Oct 2010


elsieFri, 15th Oct 2010

I heard recently that the word "Mingers" is derived from when certain people used to call ginger people "Ginger Mingers", using a soft G.Then gradually it was shortened and mis-pronouced like most urban slang. Just a thought.

BigColFri, 15th Oct 2010

Might have to dispute that one elsie. Surely it comes from the word 'minging' which has been in use long before Jade Goody made it a household word on Big Brother. I heard its roots were in the British Army in a rhyme which goes something like "Your boots are minging, your plume's in shite, Your balls are swinging from left to right."

elsieFri, 15th Oct 2010

On a more in depth investigation it seems the "Minge" comes from an old gaelic scottish word "Menge" meaning excrement. In various forms it has been used to describe something smelly, ugly or otherwise unpleasant.

sammieSat, 16th Oct 2010

"Someone who was not just touched by the ugly stick at birth but was battered severely with it. Anyone who does not look better to you after several strong alcoholic drinks probably fits this category."

MamaPSat, 16th Oct 2010

Oh dear, so do mingers have their own dating sites? Like meets like.

MatthewCol...Sat, 05th May 2012

BC has got it right MamaP it is just one of those things that are said in the forces and it usually means bad looking or smelling . EG your breath ( Not you ) is minging

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