Tue, 21st Dec 2010 | MamaP

Christmas Holiday

It is now 4.10pm and I need to start packing my case. Hopefully leaving coach station at 3.00am. I'm going in search of the white stuff, didn't realise I could have stayed home and had it on the cheap. I wish you all a very "Happy Christmas" and will be back in January. Bliss, no cooking, no washing up, will miss my family but it has to be done. See you all soon, bye bye......xx

candyflossTue, 21st Dec 2010

i am going to miss you so much patty, so happy for you though, enjoy yourself, have a brilliant time, your family and friends are happy knowing you are in for a brilliant break, and will have our arms wide open , and all of us queueing up waiting in line for our snogs and cuddles, when you get back.

merry , merry chritmas, i am first in the queue for a cuddle, see you soon, dont mention the war , when you are in germany, hahaha only joking.

all my love , hugs and kisses, tinaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i am gonna miss you this muchxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BassistTue, 21st Dec 2010

I hope you have a fab time x

BigColTue, 21st Dec 2010

Have a happy time Mama and your search for the white stuff is successful. See you when you get back. xx

MasterSign...Tue, 21st Dec 2010

Happy Holidays, and thanks for the cupcakes they were bloody lovely.x

TheGreatVi...Wed, 22nd Dec 2010

After dropping MamaP and her friend Anita at the coach station at 3.20am I feel for the coach driver and the other passengers. Already belly laughing and enjoying the prospect of two weeks of mayhem, sober mayhem, laughing lots at nearly 70 and acting like 15 year olds. You are an inspiration MamaP, have a great time, will miss the cooking but at least I won't feel guilty about leaving you with the washing up. So many people could learn that you do not need money (she hasn't got any) or alcohol to have a good time.

DeacongirlWed, 22nd Dec 2010

Hope you have a fantastic time MP! xx

riveriakidWed, 22nd Dec 2010

3.00am Coach station? Sheesh! And I thought it was only we night workers who see Torquay Coach Station at such ridiculous hours. Think I may have followed coach out of the Bay. Have a Good break MamaP. Seasonal Greetings to you. Hope you are going to Bavaria,Its lovely this time of year.

NotGandalfWed, 22nd Dec 2010

I know you've already gone mate - but Happy Trails anyway.

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