Wed, 18th May 2011 | candyfloss

prediction for the future 2015

I just watched sky news at 7.30 this morning, i am appalled at what has just being announced;

The authoritites have announced that any body who rapes another person, regardless who or what age , if they admit their crime for rape, they will automatically get half their sentenced reduced, that means that the guilty one will only serve 15 months inside.

I am not a violent person by any means, however i now predict , anyone who has been affected by this awful crime, through sanity will not be happy with that decision, and i can honestly see a revolt in the streets, as the common man has just being pushed tooo far

there has to be closure in peoples lives, how can the courts define this as punishing evil, i am with the people on the streets demonstrating, enough is enough

well noddleit i have said my piece, good morning to you all, but how do you all feel;?,

elsieWed, 18th May 2011

Ken Clark's comments show the level of contempt politicians hold for the population of england. Gordon Brown demonstrated the same attitude. Ken Clark should not survive the day in his position.I understand what he said may have been a poor choice of instant response to the listener, but the fact that his natural knee-jerk response was to slap down the, "obviously intellectually challenged member of the populace" shows that politicians live in a safe little world of their own,like barristers who,although they know their client may be guilty,winning the argument is their main aim. there nuff said...

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