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Davy Jones- The Monkees

Davy Jones died yesterday at his home in Florida aged 66 years old. Born in Manchester in 1946 Davy was first seen as Ena Sharples Grandson on Corrie. He went on to play a part in Z cars (A UK 60's cop series)

The producer of the film "A Hard Days Night" featuring the Beatles (I think it was Richard Lester) an American, decided to make a TV series about a band and modelled them on the Fab Four. The result was the Monkees. Now Love them or Hate them they became part of the sixties music even if they did not play their own instruments etc.:-)

The shows look very corny now (They did then too!) I was never a fan of the Monkees but they were a part of the 60's music scene.
R.I.P Davy Jones

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BigColFri, 02nd Mar 2012

Not one of the world's greatest talents but, for those of us of a certain age, definitely a notable part of a certain era. Gawd bless yah Davy.

TalismanFri, 02nd Mar 2012

Always a shame when someone you liked from your childhood dies.

HoodieFri, 02nd Mar 2012

The missus told me about this and I thought she was winding me up, then I saw her face.....

MatthewCol...Fri, 02nd Mar 2012

A fine northern lad , gone to the great

MatthewCol...Fri, 02nd Mar 2012

Cont.. cobbled street in the sky

TheWizardFri, 02nd Mar 2012

Thanks all for your comments.

I think this is one of the last live performances by The Monkees (Minus Mike)

Filmed at the Beacon Theatre New York City, 16th June, 2011 with Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork.


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SwanleyjonSat, 03rd Mar 2012

I actually liked the Monkee's and although they did not play to start with they were all musicians and did eventually all play.Davy Jones was a singer obviously but also played guitar and drums.

He never smoked or drunk and was far to young to die.

God bless you rest in peace now.

Shakytownk...Sat, 03rd Mar 2012

As BC says, Part of an era that some of us remember whether we liked the Monkee's or not. RIP. D J.

TheWizardSat, 03rd Mar 2012

Well it just goes to prove that you can have lots of money, Live in a the Florida Sunshine, Never smoked, Don't drink and still snuff it at 66. I think some of us are living on borrowed time :-)

TheWizardSat, 03rd Mar 2012

PS. The Media report he died of a Heart Attack in the Stables with his Horses at his home.

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