Mon, 12th Mar 2012 | elsie

Would you holiday here?

I would. I wonder what happened to it!


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BigColMon, 12th Mar 2012

Sod that! They all wear 80s mullets by the look of it.
Actually quite interesting for me this cos, going by the Royal Yacht parked in the bay and Concord flying overhead, I'd say this was shot in 1988, the year of my first ever visit to Torquay. Summer Season in the Princess Theatre with Mr Davidson. Had such a good time I moved there.
By the way is that someone pissing in the pool at 2mins30secs?

elsieMon, 12th Mar 2012

Not in 1988 but the same shot in 2012 most probably. So 24yrs eh. Time flies. To some our muso mates this must be like us watching a clip from the 40s. Scary!

MamaPMon, 12th Mar 2012

Looks very much like somewhere I used to live. I bet they had shops open and didn't have to step over bodies lying drunk in the street.

NotGandalfThu, 15th Mar 2012

It just proves that however "Hip,Hop & Happnin" you think you are - In twenty years from now? ..........

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