Mon, 19th Mar 2012 | baldeagle62


Just got a £100 parking ticket from PPS (Premier Parking Solutions) for parking for 5 mins at the Plainmoor car park for dropping my son to a school athletic competition!

Should i pay or ignore it?

Have you had any experience with this company?

Let me know your feelings or issues!!!

BigColMon, 19th Mar 2012

The £100 reduced to £75 if you cough up now is very generous of them isn't it!!!
You didn't get a ticket did you so I doubt very much if you'll get away with ignoring it.
I sympathise cos I hate these predatory bastards but 5 mins, 15 mins, half an hour, being a good dad, they don't give a shit and you didn't get a ticket so I'd say you got caught this time and you're probably gonna have to take it on you your chinny chin chin.
Congrats on the wedding by the way.

MatthewCol...Mon, 19th Mar 2012

I'd ignore the bastards and let them take me to county court. These shitbags are worse than Nazis

CluckyTue, 20th Mar 2012

Yes Baldeagle, I have had the very same thing at the very same place! My daughter had her Music Theory Exam booked to take place in Westlands School. Not knowing where the school actually was I drove near too it but couldn't quite find the entrance, asking a lady direction she told me to drive up the one way road and park in the swimming pool! Which I did, not even knowing that you had to pay! The car park was empty, parking right over in the corner near the school, I ran my daughter into the exam, ran out, and boom £100 fine (3 minutes)! Apart from wondering what I'd done wrong at first, I marched into the swimming pool entrance and who should I meet but the parking man! His van was parked directly behind me all the time and watched me get my daughter out! How cruel is that! The first thing I said to him, is why on earth didn't you say - excuse me, pay and display here or get a ticket here! Anyway, after a lengthy conversation and realising that it was timed 2 - 3 minutes, he did let me off, he was probably pleased to get rid of me. The irony of it is when I looked over at the Westlands School Car Park it said 'Staff Only' and I thought shame we can't use the school car park but I'm not staff, so I won't go in there!!! I am going to avoid this area like the plague from now on. Be warned everyone who reads this - they sit and wait to pounce !!!

MerseygullWed, 21st Mar 2012

I got one from this company at the carpark at the bottom of Hele Road...(where Dunelm Mill and Pets at home is...) I thought that I'd ignore it as they got my Reg wrong on the ticket... after a couple of months, I got a letter.. the fine had gone up and they sent me photographic evidence with my Car reg clearly visible...

I'd advise paying up, and soon


candyflossThu, 22nd Mar 2012

ahw it sucks, however i got a parking ticket recently in newton abbot, but i was in wrong, i parked up and my ticket expired by 9 mins, however be careful if u read the ticket carefully, there is a number that if u ring it to pay, if paid in 7 days its only half of the origional fine, mine was 70. so i got it down to 35.00 which i thought pay it quick, you have to pay this or they will take more action and then u encure more costs, it sucks but ring the nunmber on the back, dont get had, remember its a business to these sods, good luck, the other half u saved, no doubt your son will have a need for, haha i know we had 3 of our own, good luck, dont forget to pay it because this is what they play on o.k.xx

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