Sat, 20th Sep 2014 | Tara


Politically, it's been quite an interesting time with the Scottish independence elections. Who would have thought that a year or more ago that the campaigners for independence would have managed to rallied forty five percent of the voting electorate and come so close to achieving what some would have termed the impossible. It makes no sense to me now that Alex Salmond should step down after this defeat because love him or loathe him he came...


Sat, 20th Sep 2014 | MatthewCollins


Hello folks Some of you may remember one of my previous posts about music that I was co-writing for a rock album. Anyway, just to let you know that things are now progressing rather nicely and we now have eleven tracks that are really quite special! The singer that we wanted has agreed to front the band and the bassist/producer is a well known and respected musician. My co-writer will play...


Fri, 19th Sep 2014 | BobsBiz

THHN Charity Variety Show !

On February 28TH 2015, I am Putting on a Charity Variety Show at the Rainbow International Hotel, Belgrave Road, Torquay. All Proceeds from this Event are In Aid Of The TORBAY HOLIDAY HELPERS NETWORK. A Locally Based Charity. TICKETS are Now Available Bookable in Advance at £10 Each. Please Visit Here For All the Details. Thank You All For...


Thu, 18th Sep 2014 | angie

Tommo Building A Bypass

Hi All I havn't written a post for well over 12 months I just dip in & out of others, but I really want to share this with you all as I personally think it is great though of course you are all entitled to your own opinion. Tommo is a friend of mine whom has written, done vocals & a video...


Mon, 15th Sep 2014 | CTaylor

La Muse

There are times that seem so far away, times you find hard hidden within each day. Unspoken words that whistle in the wind, wishing they could have been said and not felt sinned. Life can be seen as a puzzle waiting for pieces to fit, there is an...


Thu, 11th Sep 2014 | Geoparkartist

Shampoo, shrine and a pop-up shelter- Tales from the Camino

What to pack in your rucksack and what to leave out is the all time Big Camino Question. I wanted to enjoy walking but not to suffer too much discomfort and I knew that getting it right might make...


Sun, 07th Sep 2014 | Talisman

Granny Summers Was A Psychic Flasher

Granny Summers was a psychic flasher She'd read your palm, whilst stood in the nip If you're into the flesh of a pensioner It really is well...



Wed, 27th Aug 2014 | Reynard

Torquay's kids are alright!

Back in 1850 Torquay's young offenders had a fairly rough time. For example, Stephen, aged 13,...


Tue, 26th Aug 2014 | colgiff

One for the Girls.....

Answers to the Why's of Men: 1. WHY DO...



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