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Loose and lovely
115 Views, 1 Nod, 4 Comments.
On Tue, 15th Apr 14, MatthewCollins wrote
A council estate chick of wide renown All the boys have her after a night on the town Skirt so high it's more like a belt With a lovely ass that's...

Just for fun for the challenge
103 Views, 1 Nod, 2 Comments.
On Tue, 15th Apr 14, MatthewCollins wrote
Black clouds gathering over my head Don't know what it is I'm supposed to have said She's my woman of that I do know But it's hard to say I love you...

A lyrical challenge
73 Views, 1 Comment.
On Mon, 14th Apr 14, MatthewCollins wrote
ladies, gentlemen and others, I offer each of you a challenge. My challenge is this :- Write a lyric on the subject of taking a fall and then dusting...

Wandering man
135 Views, 2 Nods, 7 Comments.
On Mon, 14th Apr 14, MatthewCollins wrote
I was blinded by the sun A son of a whore with a gun But I never, never ever ran from a fight I stood firm if I believed I was right Nobodies fool...

TGV and
332 Views, 4 Nods, 7 Comments.
On Tue, 08th Apr 14, MatthewCollins wrote
For a long time now this site has been drifting along without direction from it's owner and former contributer TGV. It seems to me that nobody is...


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