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England / Premiership
425 Views, 9 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Sun, 13th Jul 14, MatthewCollins wrote
This year England were bundled out of the football world cup in a really ignominious way. I suspect that the biggest reason for this is that in the...

Stand up and shout!
156 Views, 1 Nod, 2 Comments.
On Wed, 09th Jul 14, MatthewCollins wrote
We're not giving in We're gonna stand up and shout We don't know where to begin But we'll tell you what it's all about Famine and war blight out...

This is now!
528 Views, 9 Comments.
On Sat, 21st Jun 14, MatthewCollins wrote
Gone quiet once again I see. Oh well never mind, hopefully it'll pick back up. Any way, this is where I am at the moment. Right now I am co-writing...

Music and lyrics
379 Views, 3 Comments.
On Tue, 10th Jun 14, MatthewCollins wrote
Greeting o exulted ones. I have an idea about mixing a rock lyric with a dramatic classical arrangement. Imagine something like O Fortuna from...

D Day
253 Views, 7 Nods, 2 Comments.
On Thu, 05th Jun 14, MatthewCollins wrote
As they dawn light grows they attacked, all of the brave men of the allied forces who massed on the shores of England and then crammed into the...


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