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Location: Harrogate . North Yorkshire UK.
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Hi I'm Jill .
Friend and collegue of Tara here in sunny Leeds . I have many opinions but not always willing to be too forthright because I often play the diplomat .
Mum of Jodeyne and married to my husband of twelve years Martin .
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Market trader
3,148 Views, 0 Comments.
On Fri, 09th Jan 15, Jilly wrote
The ice cold winds of winter chill me to the bone and yet still I stand behind my market stall and wait for the customers to arrive day after day....

Depression. It's more common than you'd imagine!
3,491 Views, 16 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Sat, 01st Nov 14, Jilly wrote
None of you know me because I hide No Self respect left have no pride You can't see me as I really am The shell that you see is just a sham Treading...

Immigrant worker blues
1,667 Views, 27 Nods, 6 Comments.
On Sat, 17th May 14, Jilly wrote
Walking down the street People passing by Minding their business Bothering no one Immigrant workers blues Please can you help me One asks a passer...

For Lyrical Eyes'challenge
1,507 Views, 43 Nods, 11 Comments.
On Mon, 12th May 14, Jilly wrote
When I was a child the moon was made of cheese When I was a child angels stood by me When I was a child dolls were my babies When I was a child God...

Religious beliefs. For Lyrical Eyes' challenge
1,318 Views, 7 Nods, 4 Comments.
On Thu, 08th May 14, Jilly wrote
You know that you must go to church Follow the teachings as set down Blindly down that given path The bible tells us how to live our lives Father...


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