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Location: Harrogate . North Yorkshire UK.
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Hi I'm Jill .
Friend and collegue of Tara here in sunny Leeds . I have many opinions but not always willing to be too forthright because I often play the diplomat .
Mum of Jodeyne and married to my husband of twelve years Martin .
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The junkies poem
88 Views, 6 Nods, 6 Comments.
On Wed, 23rd Apr 14, Jilly wrote
Foolish intention the folly of youth Masking a painful truth Unable you even tell you why Taking drugs the interior high Speeding along on a...

MatthewCollins' challenge
164 Views, 4 Nods, 2 Comments.
On Mon, 14th Apr 14, Jilly wrote
Staggering in after a fall Been a fool for all to see Fallen out with one and all Looking stupid all with agree Nothing to do but pick myself up Dust...

New unrest in Ukraine
537 Views, 2 Nods, 4 Comments, 7 Votes.
On Sun, 13th Apr 14, Jilly wrote
After the annexation of Crimea by Russia, there is now a new threat to Ukraine. I is now being reported that pro Russian forces are taking up arms...
[Should we allow Russian aggression (YES)]
[Should we allow Russian aggression (NO)]
[Should NATO go to high alert (YES)]
[Should NATO go to high alert (NO)]
[There wiil definitely be a conflict]

277 Views, 4 Nods, 9 Comments.
On Sat, 12th Apr 14, Jilly wrote
I ain't a statue for you to see Sick of the sadness that's all around I'm a person who's right it is to be free Waiting for the world happiness to be...

Slipping away ( following Falling off the edge of a cliff)
903 Views, 7 Nods, 6 Comments.
On Tue, 25th Mar 14, Jilly wrote
Slipping away, I've lost my direction Nothing to say, all my dream dead and gone Slipping away, nobody for my affections Don't no what happened, my...


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