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Poet Laureate
778 Views, 2 Nods, 7 Comments.
On Sun, 11th May 14, MamaP wrote
Hi all of you. Love reading all what is going on at present. I think Matthew Collins deserves some credit for getting some of the old??? members...

Happy New Year!!!!!!
704 Views, 4 Nods, 4 Comments.
On Tue, 31st Dec 13, MamaP wrote
To all the remaining folks who look in here. Health, wealth and happiness for 2014 xx

Hoodies Comp....
1,077 Views, 2 Nods, 4 Comments.
On Sun, 20th Jan 13, MamaP wrote
To the tune of 'Teddy Bears Picnic'.... If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. If you go down in the woods today you'll...

Mayan calendar.
1,003 Views, 3 Nods, 9 Comments.
On Fri, 21st Dec 12, MamaP wrote
Last night I decided to get ready for the 'End of the World'. I went to bed in full make-up,perfumed, jewellery, basque, stockings, and heels. If...

What is love?.....
894 Views, 3 Nods, 7 Comments.
On Tue, 04th Dec 12, MamaP wrote
There are many levels of love, and it doesn't make the loving any more or any less...... just different.


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