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Byron & Shelley Chapter 5
3,524 Views, 9 Nods, 8 Comments.
On Fri, 30th May 14, MasterSignwriter wrote
Two poets find themselves holed up in a house of ill repute. A lady of the night have arrived at their room. 'Bonjour Monsieur, what would like me...

Byron & Shelley Chapter 3
1,878 Views, 2 Nods, 6 Comments.
On Sun, 25th May 14, MasterSignwriter wrote
A poets discovers another poet standing in his garden with a pistol. 'Good morning to you Byron, what pray tell are you doing in my abode at such an...

The untold story of Bryon & Shelley Chapter 1.
1,788 Views, 9 Nods, 13 Comments.
On Fri, 16th May 14, MasterSignwriter wrote
A poet walks in to a bar...... 'A bottle of Absinthe Barkeep!...,and have one of your fine maidens bring it over post haste. I shall be retiring by...

Lost in Time (LyricalEyes Challenge)
1,642 Views, 8 Nods, 13 Comments.
On Tue, 13th May 14, MasterSignwriter wrote
The girl in the photo,is a sepia memory of some scrapbook summer,so very long ago a rag doll kid with a piano smile, makes her stop and think for a...

I saw you on TV last night.
1,270 Views, 4 Nods, 6 Comments.
On Wed, 07th May 14, MasterSignwriter wrote
Helen, I saw you on TV last night calling yourself Sally talking about high pressure and patchy rain pointing at clouds with a painted Smile that...


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