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Hole in my Head
19 Views, 1 Nod, 3 Comments.
On Thu, 17th Apr 14, MasterSignwriter wrote
Stumbling, I fell Smashed a hole in my head Spewed words on the ground, shapes mangled and tattered, hoary and lame Then scattered like litter...

Charlotte, you weren't fat and ginger
133 Views, 4 Nods, 14 Comments.
On Mon, 14th Apr 14, MasterSignwriter wrote
Charlotte, you weren't fat and ginger You were a perfect work of art not some cafeteria wall Beryl cook, but a plump pre-Raphaelite My Flora,...

Odette, c'est ma billet doux
586 Views, 4 Nods, 2 Comments.
On Fri, 30th Aug 13, MasterSignwriter wrote
Odette, c'est ma billet doux, to a girl I once knew when my world was as far as I could see, and love wasn't clutched between the claws of a Dove its...

Libby, do you remember our baby?
837 Views, 3 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Tue, 15th Jan 13, MasterSignwriter wrote
Libby, do you remember our baby? we called him Huxley out of respect for this stolen Peyote we took him home from the Zoo in an old pram quite the...

Lena, you loved to draw Horses
673 Views, 4 Nods, 2 Comments.
On Wed, 09th Jan 13, MasterSignwriter wrote
Lena, you loved to draw horses in charcoal and lead at college Id watch from the seat behind as you sketched windblown withers on pointed...


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