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Exspensive Phone Call
2,176 Views, 1 Nod, 5 Comments.
On Sun, 28th Jun 09, RDoyle wrote
The other day I made a phone call. I was then given 6 options press one for this two for that etc,.......I was then given a further 6 options. and...

2020: Solar powered car
1,906 Views, 1 Nod, 4 Comments.
On Sun, 19th Apr 09, RDoyle wrote
With all the talk about electic cars. Because these cars can only travel short distances on a single charge. I predict that by 2020 all new cars will...

proud dad
1,846 Views, 1 Nod, 4 Comments.
On Fri, 17th Apr 09, RDoyle wrote
I was talking to a work mate the other day, we were talking about how much is children's student loans are. it was over £15,000 I thought to my...

Let Children be Children
1,972 Views, 1 Nod, 14 Comments.
On Wed, 08th Apr 09, RDoyle wrote
I've heard on the news and later on Jeremy Vine show on radio 2, about a mother teaching her 19 month child about "the birds and the bee". Why can't...

"Action Man"
1,794 Views, 3 Comments.
On Sun, 05th Apr 09, RDoyle wrote
The government with the MOD are launching a new toy/doll loosely based on the old action man. Complete with all the uniforms, guns and all the...


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