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Location: Pewsey, Wiltshire, UK.
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Twitter: @Mission Bay, New Zealand


Was attempting to travel around the world to meet up and Facebook friend as many other Steve Smith's as possible. But... Stopped off in Mission Bay and not left.
It's an even better world when you unplug the computer!
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Living with Alcohol.
1,262 Views, 3 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Wed, 18th Jul 12, Fonejacker wrote
I ran away to New Zealand from Portsmouth to get away from the chaos that my partner was causing. Worked out for me although it was the hardest...

Greetings from New Zealand
1,028 Views, 1 Nod, 2 Comments.
On Thu, 29th Sep 11, Fonejacker wrote
Well it has been over a year since I was last here. As some of you know it was my intention to travel around the world but when I reached New...

Private Detective
1,497 Views, 1 Nod, 13 Comments, 17 Votes.
On Tue, 01st Jun 10, Fonejacker wrote
Do you think you would make a good private detective? have you ever had to do it?

At what age?
1,599 Views, 1 Nod, 18 Comments, 45 Votes.
On Sun, 28th Mar 10, Fonejacker wrote
At what age did you finally come to terms with who you are and was content with the end result. We all search for inner happiness so curious to know...

Ian Huntley
1,704 Views, 12 Comments, 24 Votes.
On Mon, 22nd Mar 10, Fonejacker wrote
It took longer than we all hoped but what do you think. Vote and add your comments.


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