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Hand Shadow artists available for events

If you are looking for a hand shadow artist or shadow puppet master in the uk look no further than 2 minds combined. Hand shadows has been around for centuries but has recently become more popular thanks to the amazing hand shadows of Raymond Crowe in Australia , Americas got talent shadow dance troupes and now of course in the uk ( well sort of ) the Hungarian shadow troupe called Attraction, winners of Britain got talent 2013.

Now the hand shadows ( shadow puppets ) we perform are nothing like the shadows troupe. they have specially choreographed dance routines and use their bodies and props to make the shapes with many of them making each shape which looks amazing but is not suitable for all venues.

Our shadows are made with just our hands. using as little props as possible to create a hand shadow that looks like a celebrity or animal. not everyone can afford the money or the space needed for attraction type groups to perform which is why our hand shadow / shadow puppets act would be a great choice.

The space required is approx 2m square depending on the size of the screen required. we provide a screen 2m by 1.5m and have found that for everyone to be able to see the hand shadows / shadow puppets this is a good size. however if you require the hand shadows / shadow puppets to be even bigger this can also be accommodated. you can supply us with a screen suitable for projecting the hand shadows / shadow puppets or we could even project the hand shadows / shadow puppets on the side of a building or large structure. this gives an amazing atmosphere to an outdoor event at night when a huge hand shadow / shadow puppets of an animal or famous celebrity can be seen from a great distance

If you would like to book 2 minds combined for an event please contact us directly on 07904834843 or go to our website www.handshadows.co.uk

below is the information from our website about our hand shadow / shadow puppets act also on the website is more information regarding our magic and mindreading show and our close up magic and balloon twisting also, please feel free to visit the website and share with friends. Here is a short video of our Hand Shadows / shadow puppets in different performance settings. Please feel free to share this video with people who may be interested in it and dont forget if you would like to book a Hand Shadow artist for your event please contact us via our website www.handshadows.co.uk

Combining shadows of classic animals such as birds and elephants with famous celebrities, well known characters and magic tricks all set to music to create a one of a kind performance suitable for all nationalities and age groups

Due to the nature of the performance the size of the screen can be customized to the needs of your venue. The current screen is 1.5m by 2 m


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