Tue, 15th Apr 2014 | MatthewCollins | 3,494 Views, 9 Nods.

Loose and lovely

A council estate chick of wide renown
All the boys have her after a night on the town
Skirt so high it's more like a belt
With a lovely ass that's often felt

A drivers dolly at truck stops at night
She give them all a good time alright
Long legs that she wraps round your back
She especially likes the guys that are black

Tattoos covering her up to her neck
She'll drop her knickers straight on the deck
She'll screw all the guys en mass
She ain't got no class but she takes in the ass


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Fri, 18th Apr 2014
Have you been people watching again MC? At first I thought you was being insulting and then it just caught up with me and really tickled me!
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Tue, 15th Apr 2014
It was just for a laugh
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Tue, 15th Apr 2014
Bad but funny
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Tue, 15th Apr 2014
You are terrible! I can't help but laugh at it
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