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Majestic Cabaret Spectacular

Riviera Centre, Torquay - March 5th

Tonight saw another exceptional night of cabaret, organised and produced by entertainer of the year, Steve Laister.

Nearly 400 guests booked for this fabulous weekend which highlighted with a wonderful production show from a superb cast of 12.

A live band under the direction of Will Penney produced a fantastic sound which complemented Laister and his troupe of talented friends.

Many thanks to all who attended. We hope you give us some feedback by adding a comment below.

See you all again next year.

Cast for 2011.

Steve Laister (
Geri Law
Charlene James
Paul Murphy


Paula Dawn (choreographer)
Helen Pitman
Courtney Cox
Sarah George
Zoe Lee


Will Penney (Musical Director)
Graham Clowe
Adam Waller

Sound & Light

ESW/VCA Solutions

Favourite Comedy Character, vote below. or any other favourite moments please comment.

Confucious, Chinese Philosopher  1    12 %
Ricki Martinez - Worlds Greatest Lover  1    12 %
Preacher/Healer - Doctor of laughter  4    50 %
Hans The German  0    0 %
Elvis  2    25 %

Voting Closed on: Wed 06th Apr, 2011

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Sun, 06th Mar 2011
Great night! Love your Elvis, think you should do it more! Geri bossed it as she does, with great harmonies from Will and Graham! Paul and Charlene work it well with Paula and the girls! All round nice balance-and yes, great version of "feel my love", which I didn't know was written by Bob Dylan!
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Sun, 06th Mar 2011
For me this was the best night out I have had in a long time. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. The whole show was fab. THANKS
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Sun, 06th Mar 2011
It was my second year working with Steve and the guys on this show and it was once again an absolute pleasure..Such an amazing and talented cast , and a great venue....And an audience that would want everynight...already hoping to be part of many more to come...Well done everyone..x x
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Sun, 06th Mar 2011
Majestic give a great deal of thought and effort into their holidays. The show was brilliant. Never ceases to amaze how so few people put on a big production like this show. I had a wonderful evening and so did everyone who was sitting around me.
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Sun, 06th Mar 2011
Sorry I missed it,sounds like it was a great show,(I know it would have been,I've seen these people work.)
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Sun, 06th Mar 2011
It was once again a pleasure and a privilege to be part of Majestic's line up. Even though the show features an awful lot of me, (some would say too much) It really is a fabulous team effort with everyone pulling an equal share of the weight. From the office staff at Majestic taking the bookings, to the finished pro show at a great venue. There are so many behind the scenes that most people are blissfully unaware of. For me, Will sorting the music and Paula Dawn's dancers, learning at least 10 routines for one night probably worked the hardest. I also agree with Majestic though that the acoustic version of 'To make you feel my love' was very special. Hopefully see you all again next year. x
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Sun, 06th Mar 2011
For us, it was wonderful just to see so many people laughing and smiling as they were leaving the auditorium. Favourite piece for the night was Steve & Graham Clowe on acoustic guitar singing "To make you feel my love'. You could have heard a pin drop. A real goose pimple moment.
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