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End of the World Competition

Greetings ink slingers, wordsmiths and story seekers.

Since the dawn of man story telling has brought us together and defined us through our mighty imaginations.
Embracing the power to make us weep, laugh, contemplate or send a chill up the spine, and we have honed this skill to masterful levels.

A good story can be retold centuries later and still hold the listener or reader spell bound.

It is free and anyone can do it.

At originalshorts.com we invite all of you to reach inside your collective minds and tell us what you find there.
Be original, be yourself, be someone else.
Whatever you are or want to be, tell us, share it with us.

As the Guardian of originalshorts im going to set some challenges over the next few months in a hope to get your creative juices flowing.
There will also be some rewards, other than that of sharing your stories and prose.
The details of which will be posted on here in due time.

I would like you all to think about The End of the World.
It could be caused by anything. Natural Disaster, from the skies or the seas. Alien Invasion or Killer Bees. Bloodthirsty Zombies or Deadly Viruses.
Let your mind run away with you.
It could be a story, a poem, a song or an imaginary blog.
Whatever it is we want to read it.

As i mentioned this will be a competition, the prize is yet to be confirmed.
Closing date will be June 1st.
Just create and post as normal.
Please remember that material posted on Originalshorts can be viewed on both originalshorts and noddleit, but material posted on noddleit cannot be viewed on originalshorts.
Only entries posted on Originalshorts will be considered for the competition.

For those of you reading this on Noddleit who havent posted on originalshorts.com yet why not give it a go.
You might surprise yourself.

Everyone has a story, whats yours?......


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