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Our lives in their hands, so should we have a choice?

I had an idea yesterday but not sure how practical it would be. We vote in councillors (well some of us do and the others cannot moan) but do they always do as we think fit? It is the Torwood development in Torquay that got me thinking. After 2yrs and re draws the council have again delayed it. The developer has listened to the public and changed plans accordingly but the council doesn't seem to have listened to the public.

So on big decisons like this I feel the councillors should hold a surgery in their ward and have a vote by the locals on which way they should decide? Makes them more accountable and we can't say it delays it because the council have delayed this by 2yrs already! So thoughts please.

(oh and I think they have delayed it as it is a private development and the council fear it may take tenants away from their own prom development but thats another discussion!)


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Thu, 24th Mar 2011
This is what the "Big Society" is meant to be I think-Will the public turn out?? You Decide!!

I agree we lack a direction from those in authority but I don't think the majority of people even notice!

Nice idea but will it be taken up?
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