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The woman pushed the baby along the narrow avenue and into the lane, which ran along the rear of the row of middle class houses. She desperately wanted to reach home before she bumped into anyone she knew. As she hurried along she looked at the tiny bundle wrapped warmly in blankets lying fast asleep in the brand new pram and once again she became overwhelmed by her feelings. This was surely the most beautiful child she had ever seen in her entire life. She felt slightly guilty by her feelings but knew that there was nothing she could do to change them. This was not her baby and she had no right to play this game of pretence. She had told herself this so many times during the past few days, but she could just not help herself, the feeling was too strong. She did, however, have some sympathy for the baby's mother. She knew only too well that she must be missing her terribly by now, and was probably suffering great anguish, but even though she knew this it could not take away her joy.

At last she had a baby to care for, and oh how she would care for her, she would want for nothing. With her heart almost bursting she quickly approached her front gate. Her heart was in her mouth until she had opened her front door and manouvered the pram into the hallway. Nobody had seen her, thank goodness she thought. All she wanted was to get inside and cradle the beautiful little bundle in her arms.

The baby was sound asleep, so she left her for a while in the pram whilst she quickly pulled the lounge curtains across, then she ran upstairs to check for the hundredth time that everything was in order. The bedroom looked absolutely perfect. The cradle in the far corner draped in white lace, the changing table complete with creams and baby talc, wipes and nappies, everything brand new. The set of drawers were full of baby clothes and on top of them were fluffy rabbits and teddies, in pink and white, yellow and pastel green, all bought brand new for this wonderful child who was now in her house at last. She went to the window and gently closed the soft pink drapes, fingering them lovingly for a moment, then she quietly closed the door and made her way down the stairs to gaze again at the sleeping baby.

The woman spent the entire day cosseting the baby, she had not felt so happy for many years. The pleasure she felt in feeding, changing, and nursing the beautiful infant was unbelievable, and she could not imagine ever having to part with her. About four o'clock the bright Autumn sunshine began to slowly fade, the baby was lying in her cradle, she had been asleep, but now she lay gazing at the mobile above her head. What an absolute angel the woman thought, she has not cried once all day.

Now, as the late afternoon sunlight made way for the shadowy glow of evening, she began to feel nervous and uneasy. Had she done everything the way the child's mother would have done it? Had she fed her at the right times, and had she nursed her for too long? Was she spoiling her?

The sound of the car crunching to a halt on the driveway brought her back down to earth, her heart missed a beat, this was the moment she had been dreading, but she knew that she had to face up to it. Slowly she opened the front door, her heart went out to the younger woman standing there. The anxious face, and the eagerness with which she hurried past her left the woman in no doubt of how much this girl had missed her child. Her beautiful daughter had come to collect HER beautiful daughter . Never mind, thought the woman, I will have many other days like this one! That's what Grandmothers are for!!!


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Wed, 30th Mar 2011
nice little story BH, but you havent met my kids.
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Wed, 30th Mar 2011
I loved reading this, really kept my attention.
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