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Are you a member of a club society or you are looking to help a charity out?

At datamonster we have what we call friend codes these friend codes are a means of tarcking who has recommended what we do and rewarding those who recommend our service to others. What we have found since using these friend codes is that by giving somebody £10 for every recommendation that really benefits the person who is recommending us particularly if they make a number of recommendations every month. But whats the incentive for the person recommending to put that code in?? So we started to come from a different angle and have started asking would you prefer to receive the money yourself or pay that money to an organsiation that you choose to help out and its become more apparant that people who are recommending the service are more keen to recommend teh service to a friend because they can say by entering this friend code £10 will go to so and so group, charity etc. So if you would like to help a charity out or your local kids football team whatever it may be just let me know what friend code you would like to use and whenever that code is entered we will donate £10 for every entry.


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