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Alans Big Mutha'

Alans Big Mutha' ...

"I really don't care what you need it for, this will probably do it!! :) !!!!"

I don't normally do hardware, but I have been forced to build myself a new machine to stop me throwing my old equipment out the window. Ive had my current setup for about 3 years and boy can you can tell!

Anyway, I thought, if im gonna do it, i'm gonna do it right. So for your edification and delictation, may I present ... Alans Big Mutha'

Quick Look..
AMD Phenon 6 Core 3.3ghz CPU (Black Edition).
2 TB Hitachi Deskstar 7200RPM 6GB/S SATA3 Drive.
8GB DDR3 Memory.
ASUS motherboard.
AMD certified Cooler & Fan.
Black "Storm" Case with 3 Fans.
LG 10x/16X/48X Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Burner
600W PSU
Cent OS5 Host.
Multiple virtualised operating systems (all running at the same time if you need em to) e.g. XP, Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu .. etc..
Hardened security install with full Antivirus, Anitmalware & Antispamware tools.

Total Cost: About £550.

And I cant find anything that comes close in the mags or shops under a grand! Its honestly the fastest thing on 4 rubber feet, looks sexy as hell in its storm case, and just eats anything you throw at it. For me, I like to run a lot of virtual machines. I can install things, break things and generally act like a twit, then just destroy the machine and spawn a new one. For those of you who dont understand virtualisation, thenk of it as running a complete machine just like youd run an application. Safe and uber fast! My choice of CentOS5 for the host system is a personal one, you could just as easily put Windows 7 64bit on it and it would simply fly! (you would have to have 64 bit to see all 8 gig of memory)

If anyone is interested in building one themselves, here is a list of parts you may want to consider..

* The breathtakingly fast AMD 64 bit PHENOM II X6 1100T Black Edition (An Overclockers Dream!) 6 core 3.3GHz (Leo Chip) 125W, 667MHz Memory Controller.
* L1 Cache: 6 x 64 KB instruction + 6 x 64 KB data caches
* L2 Cache:6 x 512KB, L3 Cache:6MB
* Advanced Bit Manipulation and AMD-V (virtualization) technology
* Enhanced Virus Protection
* Turbo Core technology (push button overclocking!)
* Cool n Quiet 3.0 regulation technology

* 2 Terra Byte (2000 GB) Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 HDS5C3020ALA632 - hard drive - 2 TB - SATA-600 featuring a blistering 6GB/s Data transfer (Serial ATA-600), 32Mb Buffer, Temperature sensor, load/unload technology, CoolSpin technology, HiVERT, Flyheightl (TFC), SMART SCT. This is only a 5600 spin speed but with 2TB sqeezed onto the drive, this will probably be considerably more stable than a 7200 un;ess you need the extra seek time reduction. The drive has 6 (yes 6 !!) GB/s transfer rate

* 2 x 4 GB (8GB Total) DDR3 800 1333MHz Memory

* ASUS M4A78LT-M, Socket AM3
* 8Mb Flash ROM, AMD 780L + SB710 Chipset
* 5200MT/s Front Side Bus
* 6 x S-ATA/300 (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, JBOD)
* Realtek Gigabit LAN
* On-Board Audio:ALC887 Support 8-Channel High Definition Audio
* On-Board Video: Integrated ATI Radeon 3000
* Back Panel: VGA, PS/2 Mouse, PS/2 Keyboard, Gigabit LAN. 4x USB 2.0, COM, Printer, 3 x Audio.
* Internal I/O: 24-pin ATX Power, 4 pin ATX Power, 3 x USB 2.0 header, S/PDIF Out header, Front panel audio.
note: I chose this board as it has great basic graphics on board and means I can run 3 monitors at the same time using the 2 spare slots

Blueray / DVD / CD
* LG BH10LS30 10x/16X/48X Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Burner
* Worlds Fastest Blu-ray Burner, capable of 10x Blueray writing speeds and 10x BD-ROM read speed.
* Fully compatible with all BD, DVD and CD media formats.
* Massive 4MB buffer + built-in buffer underrun protection.
* Lightscribe Technology.
* Fast SATA interface
* Includes CyberLink BD Suite software bundle

I'm in the process of building another 3 of these things now! So if any noddler wants something like it, Im happy to help you put one together, or give you the list of places to obtain the parts.


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Sun, 07th Aug 2011
Mmm! O.M.G.

It definitely has the WOW factor. Very impressed, especially with the cost. I hope, though, that you have not fallen into the trap that most do. That is building the ultimate computer but with no intention of using its full potential. Most would buy, or assemble, such a beast just to say they can and have, but they would probably be just as happy with an old BBC. It is nice to see another home build fan. Nice one. Keep up the good work sticking it to those who would rip the rest of us off. I still wonder, though, just what do you need 2Tb of HDD for. Never mind. Ours not reason why, ours but to ...ect....
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Fri, 05th Aug 2011
All looks very impressive. But see you are not a fan of SSD drives then? Probaly a very good reason for it, No doubt! Probaly SPEED!
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Fri, 05th Aug 2011
Al, you were like a cross between a kid in a sweetshop and Dr Evil!
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Fri, 05th Aug 2011
Very nice - are you sure about the black case though ? It will show the stains !
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Fri, 05th Aug 2011
Me and my iMac, Logic Studio, MOTU Ultralite Mk3 Hybrid and Mackie HR824 Mk2 speakers are very happy together thank you very much, although I do wish you and yours all the very best for the future.
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Thu, 04th Aug 2011
Any business should have one, you won't need another computer for years.
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Thu, 04th Aug 2011
Can you live in it?
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