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An Audience with Helen Shapiro (She was Quite Famous Once)

To all you younger Noddlers, Helen Shapiro (Fog Horn) was a 13 year old schoolgirl with the most amazing voice in the very early sixties. As school kids, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Helen Shapiro, Billy Fury, Marty Wild etc., were the British Popular Music Stars to us before the Beatles etc.came on the scene.

She was snapped up by Norrie Paramor of EMI's Columbia Record label at 13 years old as they thought she was a bloke :-)

This is a very recent UK London TV Programme with Helen live. It is the full show so it will take a long time to watch. Some of the Jesus bits are heavy going sometimes(You can fast forward!) but Helen looks well for her age and there is a lot of old footage of her as a teenager. She still has that unique voice for a woman!

Hope You Enjoy some of it!


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Mon, 05th Sep 2011
Ahw thank you soooooo much Wizard, i love that song too and my other favorite is come undone that just makes me weep, i know the story of how Angels came about, i am irish so when a documentry was made about Robby Williams i was all ears, watching it, then suddenly an irish man , from my home town in Dublin, wrote it and Robby Williams bought it off the irish man for 400.00 and ever since he sings it we all cry, well and a little jig too, being irish i dont need any excuse for a dance, apparantly my hubby; Alan Jones calls me a middle aged rocker, ha ha thank you so very much againxx
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Sun, 04th Sep 2011
This is my favourite Robbie bit live. Some folk say the jacket was on Ebay a few weeks after:L-)

She's the One Live:-

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Sun, 04th Sep 2011
I can just remember my sister and brother in law talking about Helen Sharpero because they were a bit older than me, they were heavily into that era of music, but my sister told me , wow she has an amazing voice, she played me her music and i was in ore, boy can that woman sing, thats all i kept saying to my sister, it is amazing how your post has brought back , so much memories, thank you for shareing this with us noddleit groupys.

Please , please if ever you get any footage of my idol Robby Williams please share it, i totally adore him, and as yet never got to see him, as when i try all tickets have gone,, thank you again for shareing.
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