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We will become a one world government... (2012)

The governments of the world will unite together slowly over time, starting with the world being split into three seperate governments, which is already happening may I add behind closed doors, if you research you will see America has already opened borders with certain countries, and Europe is the first step in our end of the world to becoming one...

Then after the world becomes governed by three governments, these will merge into one and the world will erupt into civil war... Who wins overall will be interesting, but the world will change beyond recognition as we know it now....


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Sun, 07th Jun 2009
I'm old enough to remember when the USSR/USA both thought this in unison. A little history will generally, when taken objectively, show ain't jack changed since 1kBCE. Techies (that would include me) get a little pissed about that because while things aren't perfect, as a unit we're batting Moores law. Not quite seeing the advances in social and political matters. Given that no one actually good at it gets off their sweet ass and does something, I would predict the cycle will repeat as before. Someone will claim to have the ultimate answer to how humans should act. It will turn out they don't. They will temporarily unite a bunch under their wing, but eventually splinter, crumble and then fall apart. Read the history books from -4000 until current and tell me this isn't a 200+-100 cycle. It's just long enough for people to think "this time it'll work out differently, because *we* actually know what we're doing". Short enough, however, that many will correctly notice "meet the new...[more]
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