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Time competition Winner.

This was really tough, and thanks for everyone for took the time to enter and showcase their eclectic talents.

I would like to give a brief summary of all the posts in no particular order or merit.

Big Cols reflective lyrics from one of his expertly penned songs, was a joy to read and showed his prowess as an expert songwriter, we can all learn a lot from his masterly style of writing, the only thing missing was his dark brown leathery voice to accompany it.

Talismans surreal word play and poetry piece on the subconscious , intrigued and inspired with equal measure.

Matthew Collins has to have a special note, in that as one of the newest members of the site really got into the spirit of the competition and posted several great pieces of emotionally charged and thoughtful poems.

Sbejhm, again another new member ,put up a great contemplative piece which was original and thought provoking.

Mama P offered up a wise and karmic post on time and life, which although short was sweet and to the point.

Hi im Jenny's blog on the fleeting nature of time and youth was uplifting and well written. A great debate starter.

TGV stuck his head in with a beautiful poem, of unknown origin, although it did remind me of Homers Odyssey, thanks for sharing.

Again with Mephistos link to Time in a Bottle.

And thanks to RivieraKids Brother with his excellent poem. Get him to join!

At the last moment Blue Hound penned her brilliant short story Time for News which as with all her work had an unusual sting in the tale and was refreshing to read. .

Although all the entries in my mind where of merit and of a high standard I had to choose something that really struck me when I read it. This isn't a reflection on anyone elses work and purely the result of me having to choice one winner only.

Hoodies poem Time Goes By had a verse in it that went

All those days gone past
Lashed to the bar it seems
Like a sailor at the mast
Rough seas are coming
And I may be sinking fast

It was that great bit of original writing that leaves me concluding that Hoodie is the winner of the Time Comp.

I know that admin has jumped in with their monthly competition but I would love for this to continue and has breathed some life into the site.

So if Big Col is up for it I would like to pass the gauntlet onto him to set a new weekly challenge for anyone up for it.

Come on its down to us to make this site worthwhile visiting and joining.


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Sat, 25th Feb 2012
Two hairs past a freckle...as my grandad used to say.
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Sat, 25th Feb 2012
I think as the competition was all about using one's imagination on the subject of Time, it's probably likely to be something like an imaginary watch.
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Sat, 25th Feb 2012
Im still wondering with some trepidation what the prize is...
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Sat, 25th Feb 2012
Well done indeed H, a worthy winner. I too would like to applaud MS on his summary of the entries, not an easy job to be the judge of such talents by any means.

And so the gauntlet has been passed to me to keep the life breath flowing with a new challenge. Hopefully I can think of a subject worthy of your imaginations, that done I'll post it on Monday morning.
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Sat, 25th Feb 2012
Thanks MS - great summary response to all the entries, im honoured to win.
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Fri, 24th Feb 2012
Well done Hoodie my friend a worthy winner ..........Fix fix fix haha
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Fri, 24th Feb 2012
Well done Hoodie, and everyone else that wrote in.
Hopefully, BigCol will pick up the gauntlet, and carry it forward with pride.
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