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Romance Never Dies

On a beautiful day, such as today. I'm sure that all you romantics out there, will
be taking a stroll through some kind of idealic country setting. Arm in arm with
your soul-mate. Gazing longingly into each others eyes.

Or, perhaps you're snuggled up in a tiny nook of a cosy pub, just enjoying the
moments shared with the one you love.

Who's to know?

For those of you to which these settings seem familiar.

This isn't the post for you.

I did something today...that I haven't done for years.

Whilst helping to clean up in the kitchen (Mrs Talisman was on a cake baking
spree again), I noticed a small pile of egg shells lying on the side to be thrown

As I said, I haven't done this for a while now, but instantly set to work.

Now. For those of you that are unfamiliar with what I'm about to describe,
(most decent, normal thinking people), here goes:

1: Take the egg shells.
2: Place them, one inside the other.
3: Make a small incision in the end.
4: Hold to the zip of your trousers.
5: Stand next to wife/girlfriend, preferably with them in a sitting position.
6: Make thrusting movements with said adornment, into recipients face. Doing so
to the primal call of "EGG COCK".

And they say that romance is dead...

Well, not in my house...I think you will agree.


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Mon, 27th Feb 2012
Not a Bangkok ping pong ball though.
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Mon, 27th Feb 2012
like a ping pong ball in a robins nest.
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Sun, 26th Feb 2012
You do have to be quite quick on your feet if you're going to perform this act, BigCol.
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Sun, 26th Feb 2012
Did you end up wearing the cake mix?
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Sun, 26th Feb 2012
The more egg shells, the funnier it is.

Sorry to my dear wife, for having to put up with me.
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