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I got to thinking a little earlier that these little competitions really are bring the best out in peoples creativity , anyway I wondered if there's any publishers out there who might be interested in collating all the entries after a certain period of time and making a small book from them .


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Wed, 07th Mar 2012
When I first started writing more serious poetry, when I was just a pup. There were a series of local poetry books that were published. I'm in half a dozen of them that I would give as presents to family members.
Some of the poems were personal to those people, so it was nice to have found an outlet like that.
They were for local people that had an interest in poetry. So, some nice anthologies were published.
One of the poems even made it into an international book too.
It's always nice to see your name in a book.
MS is in one of them too. He won one of the top prizes, that they had just started putting on.
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Tue, 06th Mar 2012
I love that idea!
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