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Nothing To Do With "She's A Lady". (my first entry for CTaylor's competition)

How many faces should a peppercorn have

If a peppercorn should have none

Thrice as many as the garden mouse

With his bouffant hair

And his grandiose house


How many singlets should a shot putter have

If a shot putter should have none

Four score and seven more, than a bedouin's wives

With their trees of green

And abundant bee hives


How many trikes should a limbless man have

If a limbless man should have none

Not as many as a octopuss clan

With their spangly tights

And a world conquering plan


How many verses should this poem have

If normality says it should have none

Just as many as I choose to write

With my two little digits

And a mind full of shite.


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Mon, 12th Mar 2012
Lovely slant on 'How many woods would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would'. Gotta get this stuff in a book.
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Mon, 12th Mar 2012
youre the Salvador Dali of Poetry.
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Sun, 11th Mar 2012
Confused. com but laughing
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Sat, 10th Mar 2012
Whoa surreal . You've just captured my attention with that but I still haven't worked it out
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Sat, 10th Mar 2012
Once again, I've cheated slightly. I might have made the title fit the competition.
This was something I wrote yesterday at work, whilst I had a five minute delve into my thoughts.
Pleased that the competitions are carrying on.
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