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Under The Devils Wings

I might write about sadness, I try to make the reader feel the pull of the rhythm. I write poems to escape and they mostly come out like a sad story or as an anger letter. I am a very happy person in life who smiles and means it. I love to laugh more than that I love making others laugh. Its just if iv had a bad day or iv over thought about things, I feel I need to get it down or even try to explain it, to who im not sure. I hope that one day a person will read my work and feel released from all troubles. Or that my work might help them not feel so alone.

She see's the world so clear,
nothing to frown for nothing to fear.
A rounded circle of love,
a sense of the great above.

Her eyes started to see it all,
she started to suddenly, studder and fall.

Understood she was not,
circle of love tangled forming a knot.
Every bad sense of the above,
followed her like a mourning dove.
Wollowing in her dreams,
she found the world unraveling at its seams.

Looking at whats been and gone,
she feels depressed and cant catch on.
But baring the darkness in her mind,
she watches the circle of love unwind.

She knows she cant hide from the dove,
or at that ever be free of.

Maybe if she could listen to the songs it sings,
she might not be quite so under the devils wings.


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Wed, 21st Mar 2012
I agree Talisman this site is great help for me to not only get things out there but its helping me improve my writing.
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Tue, 20th Mar 2012
I thought that that was fantastic, Talisman has a valid point you should take heed of him
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Mon, 19th Mar 2012
I hope that you can see how much you're growing as a writer, since being a part of the site.
The more you read and write, the more enjoyment you have doing those things.
Keep writing. It's naturally a part of you.
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