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The best year of my life (entry for Admins competition)

All cuddling up in the one bed,
Watching my mum concentrate as she read,
hearing the rain outside in the cold,
I listened to my sister and the story she told.

As cold as the winter time was,
it didnt matter, we had eachother as one does.

I loved opening the door first thing,
that fresh smell in my mind did ling,
seeing untouched snow for the first time,
then my brother mess it up- should have been a crime.

Watching the winter days go by,
I knew school was coming round fast which made me want to cry,
the night before school was always the worst,
disorganised excitment made me feel cursed.

School had arrived once again,
time to get thinking and work that christmas brain.

Remembering that old school bell,
and that weird funny school smell,
makes me want to go back,
just to listen to the teachers telling me not to slack,
I remember at the time,
wishing there was a tree to climb,
its funny now I didnt know,
that for one second id miss that schools busy flow.

When school had finished its year,
I knew that summer was here,
in those wonderful summer days,
the sun shone brightly like a blaze,
and all day long I would play,
magical games within this beautiful bay.

Waking up to the smell of the sea,
then climbing a tree made me feel so free,
slight feeling of independance walking to the shop,
so excited I could feel myself start to hop,
the shop having old fashioned sweets,
oh how I loved the taste of those treats.

Hearing the birds singing along,
now that sound il always long,
for in the eyes of a child,
nothings more exciting than the wild.

Colours in the day amazingly bright,
with millions of stars glimering that same summer night,
staying out till what seemed late,
feeling all grown up at the age or eight,
then id hear her sweet kind voice,
time to go in, I knew I didnt have a choice.

A tear to my eye saying goodbye,
even now not knowing why.

I wasnt bothered to much as those days were easy going,
and I left that year fully knowing,
it was me and I was rife,
and now you know the best year of my life.


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Sun, 25th Mar 2012
wow its little things like that, that stick in your mind. Its nice. I once read my mothers diary it wasnt very interesting and I never read anyones after that.
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Sat, 24th Mar 2012
My Father had this written in one of his old diaries. As a sneaky kid I read it!

The Happiest Days of all my life were spent in the arms of another mans wife!!

My Mother
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Sat, 24th Mar 2012
thank you Matthew iv been working on it for about three weeks adding a couple of parts every few days.
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Sat, 24th Mar 2012
That is the best that you have posted . Well done you !
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