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Rants (I was reminded of this, when I saw Hoodie's latest post)


Today, Hoodie put on a post about the things that piss him off.
I said on his post, that I would put on a few of the things that are
on a list that I had written on a piece of paper a while ago.

Here are a few of the main contenders:

People that say 'baby', instead of 'THE BABY'.
It always infuriated me, when we would be with a form of nursing
staff (be they nurse or mid-wife), to the point where I would correct
them after they uttered the fateful word.
It has now crept its way out into the general populace.
I find myself snarling 'THE BABY' at any and all people now.

People that try to correct me with my speech (as in, TH not F).
My 7 year old son, my wife, and pretty much everybody else, does
it constantly.
They say 'It's ttthhhh' (whilst showering me with spit) 'Not f'.
But, when they use it in a sentence. It sounds exactly the bloody
same to me.
Pedantic idiots.
It makes me laugh.

Men that pronounce their name as Anthony (with the emphasis on the
I had never heard of it, until one pretentious actor piped up with it, in
an attempt to sound more aloof, I'm sure.
Now, every f*ck-witt is coming out with it.
'Sorry. It's not Anthony. It's pronounced Antttthhhony.'
I pronounce it, TWAT. With an emphasis on the T.W.A and T
That being the case. Where the name has always been shortened to 'Tony'.
Surely, these arseholes of humanity, should be called 'Fony'.
Because, that's what they are.

I'll leave it at that, as I'm starting to hyper-ventilate.


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Wed, 28th Mar 2012
Weather men/women who think there is a "T" in elsewhere and pronounce it Eltswhere.....
People who say Haitch instead of Aitch.....
People who say "You've got another THING coming" when they mean THINK! ....
Have I run out of characters yet - 'cos I could go on ... and on ...
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Wed, 28th Mar 2012
ahh, the curse of the soft palate, never mind Talithhhman.
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Wed, 28th Mar 2012
In terms of misused words I hate people who write 'of' instead of 'have', as in 'I would not of done that'. At worst it's 'I would not've done that'.
Also people who don't no the difference between 'know' and 'no' and 'there', 'their' and 'they're'. Their just ignorant.
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Wed, 28th Mar 2012
The picture is a portrait of myself from about 20 years or more ago.
Beautifully drawn by, none other than our very own MasterSignwriter.
Even back then, he could really capture the sheer essence and beauty of a person.
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