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For: 'The Best Year Of My Life' competition.

I'd have to say that, this past year has been 'The Best Year Of My Life' (in a way).

The only reason I would say that, is because, at one point, I wasn't sure whether I
would get to see it.
I was ill at this time last year, to the stage where I wrote down a simple last couple
of words to my wife, family and friends on a piece of paper that was at the side of
the bed. What I thought was going to be the final thing I would write, before passing

Needless to say. I'm still around.
A paramedic came around to the house, oxygen in hand, and the rest is history.
It took about a month for me to be up and walking around properly again, and
another 3 for everything to be back to normal (whatever that is).

I'm thankful for every minute I've had since.
The extra time I've had with family and friends.
And the extra time I've had writing for the site.

My first post from when I came back onto the site (I was off it for the first month of
my illness) can be found on page 6 of my writing history on here, entitled: Am I Jesus?.
Have a read.

Cheers everyone.

I can't leave you with such a depressing post. Hopefully this might help.
It's another poem from The Book Of Insanity.


Christmas is coming

The goose is getting fat

Who did a shat in the blind man's hat?

Granny's in the garden

Chewing on her breasts

Throwing dirty postcards at the family guests

The turkey's in the oven

Reading Enid Blyton books

Picking onions from his buttocks, with old meat-hooks.


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Sat, 31st Mar 2012
Talisman - enough of this meloncholy - you're not going anywhere, yet! You've got work to do; that Book of Insanity won't write itself! So all the best in your rehabilitati......I mean recuperation; and bandage that pen to the hand. WRITE man! Write, I say!! And make us proud. (insane laughter);
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Fri, 30th Mar 2012
Thanks for all your kind sentiments.
Except for you, Hoodie. You cad.
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Fri, 30th Mar 2012
I'm pleased you're here xx
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Fri, 30th Mar 2012
month to feel right, paramedics....sounds like manflu
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Fri, 30th Mar 2012
We are all glad that you made it into this year, your posts are always happy slices of bonkersness, glad you are well now and appreciating life.
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Fri, 30th Mar 2012
I remember, when you first appeared writing on Noddleit, you said you hadn't been well. Very glad you got over whatever it was that was troubling you. One thing though, the time-out period has left you a bit confused cos you appear to have given us a Christmas poem just in time for Easter. I'm sure you'll get back on track before long. Stick with it mate.
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Thu, 29th Mar 2012
Christ! It was getting depressing there for a moment.
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