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The Doctor Pension Dilemma

Bit of a non event the doctors strike today really, news coverage at 8am this morning showing a reporter in an empty surgery, proving nothing really, as I can never get through until 8.30am to book an appointment. Are they suggesting that they are there really, just not answering the phone...godammit ive got a sore throat, I need to be told I cant get antibiotics and its just a virus....

Anyway, later news report that i heard on the radio, had a govt spokesman commenting that the GP's pensions just arent sustainable, because people are living longer.

Now I may not completely understand the workings of the NHs...but isnt it kind of the G.P's job to make us live longer ?

Id watch out for some unusual advice when visiting the cough shop from now on....you present yourself with a hacking cough....do you smoke ?...no ?.....have you thought of taking it up ? I can prescribe you some patches to ease you into it....

I know our taxes mostly pay for the GP's pension...to be fair they are paid a fair whack for sticking their fingers up peoples bums and telling them they have arse cancer...but do we really want them killing us off to secure their golden yrs playing golf ?

Think on....


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Thu, 28th Jun 2012
Once agan the ability to 'Strike' is taken for granted, and those of us who have a nice big box of dry Swan Vesta completely forget those of us with only a soggy 20 year box of matches left in the garden with a slug in it.
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Thu, 21st Jun 2012
My GP told me I should do something at least twice a day that made me a little breathless. He didn't seem at all impressed when I told him in that case maybe I should take up smoking again.
Love the term 'single back door salute' Talisman.
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Thu, 21st Jun 2012
@Talisman.......Are you quite sure that it was his finger?
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Thu, 21st Jun 2012
Having been a recipient of the Doctor's,
single digit backdoor salute, I'm so glad
to have the healthcare that we do.
(obviously, not because of that one incident)
But having said that. I'm sure that they're
not short of a few quid at the end of it all.
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Thu, 21st Jun 2012
Can't disagree with that! I think you have a valid point and although I don't know all of the facts I'm sure that you're not far off the mark!
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