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another one?

There are so many sayings that are made to lift up your spirit and get you into the winners circle. Which is telling you; You are a loser, thats why you need a daily saying to ease the pain. Ha ha. I have to laugh because I am one of those that read this stuff and say,"way cool, I have to share this with a bunch of people" Misery doesn't like being alone. "Oh yeah?! I'm a loser?! well ...take that my best friend in the world" I think the doers that are successful are the ones that write this stuff and make money off you..you loser. You wish you could be as good as me. That will be $10.00s please. Well I say.....thank you. Wish I could come up with these snappy sayings.


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Thu, 28th Jun 2012
although winners build on mistakes and losers dwell on them.
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