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More, Fun With Food

More, Fun With Food

I was told, the other day, of another form of 'fun with food', that I used to do.

A friend, and ex-workmate, reminded me of something that I used to do to
him and the rest of the people working in my department at the time:


'What is BANANA JIZZ?' I hear you say.

Well! When you peel a banana, you always have various stringy strands hanging
from it (phloem bundles).

First: dip the strands in water (for added effect). Then, stand beside your victim,
making a suction type of sound with your mouth, as you simulate masturbation.

Next: throw your banana detritus into the face of the unsuspecting person, whilst


The scene will be like that of the one in the film: Silence Of The Lambs. Where
she first meets Hannibal Lecter. And the masturbating madman in one of the other
cells, throws his 'love-seed' into her face.

You'll find that it adds more emphasis to the hilarity of the moment, if your victim
is wearing glasses/safety goggles, that it can swing from. Making it a rather more
unsettling sight and experience for the recipient.

Stand back and hold your sides, as the merriment of the event spreads through-
out the room, as they all laugh.

Bon Appetit.


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Tue, 03rd Jul 2012
Funny? Who knows?
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