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The Story Teller - part2

The old man stared into the flames of the fire, sighed and spoke again, that day will come in future days when people will other things that will consume their days in such a way that the telling of stories will be just a vague memory.

Elders will not remember any stories they may have heard in the past and children will not want to listen or learn such things
The crowd around the old man were silent in amazement, listening to every word he spoke, but finding it all hard to believe.

In these dark days he continued, there will be no gatherings as there are here today, no meeting places of sharing as this place.
Their minds will become to numbed by other things, they may lose the ability to imagine and the desire to even speak to each other
Such is the power of the forces of evil, which will engulf them in such dismal darkness they will have no way to oppose it strength, it saddens my heart to even think of these days.''

He stopped speaking and stared back into the fire once again
No one in the crowd spoke; it was if they were holding their breath
In their minds were thoughts of, was there nothing that could be done to prevent dark days such as the old man had spoken about
Was the place he spoke of here, was this their future?


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Tue, 10th Jul 2012
I really like this.
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