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Matt Rogan Early Breakfast Show

Hi Guys,

Great News! I am back on the radio!! It's been a long time coming but it is a foot in the door to the biggest corporation in the world The BBC.

Tune into BBC Radio Devon from 5.00am till 6.30am this week, or listen again on the Iplayer.

This weeks topic of conversation with the listeners and you noddlers, " If you could go back in time to when you were a kid , what one bit of useful advice or insight would you have give yourself self from what you know now ?
Quirkier the better !

I'll read out any good answers from the comments you leave below.

Thanks for your support and if I get a permanent position I will use noddleit as my source of research.


Matt x

Here is the source of the original idea.


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Thu, 12th Jul 2012
The advise that I would give myself is 'Just carry on doing what you're doing. You'll always be alright.'
Or, 'That'll do, pig.'
Even, 'If it itches...Don't scratch it.'
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Wed, 11th Jul 2012
Good Luck Matt. Boring I know but my mom and dad did know best. Also I agree with Susie.
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Wed, 11th Jul 2012
Just watched the video and some of his other works on youtube. Creative guy but really believe this is one of the best cons out there. Just a thought.
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Wed, 11th Jul 2012
Never ever have sex! It causes more long term hurt than the few minutes spent having fun!
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