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Re-Fonejackers post....Living with Alcohol

I can't find a place to leave a comment on this post so I will write it here.
I read this with interest as I feel strongly about the effect any addiction has on the users nearest and dearest. Amazing actually when you sit back and listen and watch the world about you. The changes in people, the denial and not acknowledging the subtle changes in personality that others notice. Life is short, when the realisation kicks in that changes need to be made, yes, you have to do it. Hard? Yes but it's survival! Addictions not only control the abuser but makes the ones around them weak.
I was reassured to read that my feelings are the correct way to deal with addicts. Tough Love! Hurts like crazy, from the cradle to the grave but in my opinion it's the only way.
Good Luck Fonejacker and thank goodness you had the strength to walk away.x


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