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He's so right!!

As most of you notice I'm not a regular author here. Has various reasons and maybe it can change for the better in the future. Have no clue right now. My previous posts could be described as negative or pure criticism of matters that keep or should keep us busy on a worldwide scale. As what the latter post concerns I hope I'm dead wrong of the content but I believe that we see more evidence of decline on a daily basis. One of the persons that has been the topic of much discussion for the past five years is the Dutch politician Geert Wilders who with his party PVV (Party for freedom) warns for the devastating consequences of too much multi-culture within Europe. He's seen by many Dutch as someone who dares to attack the ever increasing Islamization and growing but negative influence of the European Union. A few days ago he sent out a letter to one of the many high paid commissioners, the Swedish Mrs Mahlstrom, who in a recent interview with a French newspaper blamed all those who love their European heritage, ethnicity and nationalism as "xenophobic and populist". That was one straw too many for Mr. Wilders, who demands, with right, her immediate resignation. I've translated his letter to her and make your own judgment if he has a point or not. Thank you.

"To Kommissionar Cecilia Malstrm
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels

The Hague July 20, 2012

Cecilia Malmstrm,

The ties between the Netherlands and Sweden have a long history. For centuries we acted in corn with your country, Dutch helped with the foundation of Gothenburg and older Dutch people think with pleasure back to the Swedish white bread that marked the end of the long, dark winter of '44-'45.
We had no reason so far than to think with appreciation to Sweden.
Yet it seems that now we have to look in a different light to your beautiful country. You want EU domination where others want freedom. No Dutchman has voted for you. We do not know who you are but still you wish to enforce your ideas upon our people.
From the interview in Le Monde it shows that you describe people who are critical of mass immigration or Islam as "xenophobic" and "populist". Apparently that's how you judge over broad sections of the Dutch population. You also think so highly of 'the academia'. I should point out that these highly educated people represent nobody except themselves.
I urge you strongly not to confuse your nave multicultural dreams with hard reality. Perhaps you can get familiar with what mass immigration means for millions of Dutch people: namely more crime, welfare dependence, antisocial behavior, alienation, education problems, etc.
Maybe it's a good idea that you should go live in an Islamized neighborhood. Not in the form of a working visit of a few hours after you are discharged by car with driver, but permanently. Muslim neighborhoods as Kanalenisland (Utrecht), the Transvaal (The Hague) and Rotterdam South lend themselves perfectly. Can we help you find a home there permanently? We are happy to be of your service. You speak of "cultural enrichment"? Well, you yourself may not be excluded any longer. Why wait?
Our century-old desire for freedom and independence is at odds with the EU rules. The Freedom Party thinks that the Dutch population should decide about their own borders and immigration policy. We have only problems with your absurd refusal to even adjust the smallest correction to our tightening admissions policy. You do not even want to put a halt on the number of partners that an immigrant can bring to the Netherlands!
Your involvement does not fit with the Dutch freedom and independence. We therefore call on you to quit with it and resign! That should make the time that the Netherlands needs to detach itself from the European Union somewhat more bearable.

We look forward to your response.

Geert Wilders


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