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Chapter 1 Guy walked into...

Chapter 1
Guy walked into his racing garage, with cars lined up against each at diagonal ways. From the other side of the garage you could hear tools clinking and clacking. The racer walked closer to the noises, knowing who it was making those noises. Mark Wells, the mechanic for every single thing with an engine that belonged to Guy, or at least belongs to him now. Guy's father passed away earlier this month, and it had hurt him very much, but no one knew what to make of it. They didn't know how he died or how he lived, they only know he passed away. So when it came time for the will to be read, every thing that belonged to Guy's father was given to Guy. What they didn't know was that it was also a spell, to give Guy his fathers powers, money, and racing life.
As Guy stood in that garage near Mark, who was under a car trying to install a new engine upgrade, he realized it was time to tell someone. Guy knocked on the door of the car, causing Mark to jump, while hitting his head under a piece of the engine. "AHH dammit" He cursed before rolling out from under the car," What in the Hell is wrong with you, do you know that i coulda fractured my skull?" Guy chuckled a bit, "Yes i do, but i just thought it would be funny for a first timer." He waited for Mark to get up before he said anything, while tossing up a crystal. The mechanic stood up after a minute, popping his back in the process. "OOH, that felt good. So what is it?" Guy had waited a moment before saying, hoping he could gather his thoughts, "What do you know about my dad, you were his true right hand man in his racing career. Did he say anything or show you anything?" Mark raised an eyebrow to those questions, "What do you mean?"
Guy answered back, "I've been having some problems, and not the regular kind."


After a few hours of talking with Mark, Guy decided to take out his 2000 Mustang Cobra R for a drive. Slowly putting the gas on he eased out of the Garage and made a left turn, driving down the lane to the gate in front of his fathers mansion slash house. He pressed the remote gate opener, causing the gate to open as slow as a snail. "Why is it that my remote opens this d*mn thing slowly and the one in the house opens it quickly" Guy asked himself, before driving out. He headed into Mesquite, which was about an hour or two from Tyler, the place Guy's mansion was in. As he drove, something inside him slowly started to burn inside him, wanting to come out. The burning sensation grew slowly, like it was going to shoot through him. Then, a sharp pain shot through his head, causing his body to turn wildly, and then going limp like his body was lifeless. The car swerved left and right until it finally stuck itself to turning right. Finally the car flipped over a bump in the road, sending everything flying.
Over the next 3 days, Guy was sleeping in a coma at the Tyler E.R. He soon came too, with plugs stuck into his body, and then the screaming began. He felt like needles of a porcupine were stuck inside his body, and they would hardly want to come out until they were ripped out of his body by his own hands. Alarms for notice that there was no pulse, blared into his ears, causing Guy's eardrums to burn.
A nurse soon popped into the room, trying to get Guy back on the hospital bed.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" He knocked her to the side, sending her into the mirror on the wall. She gasped, feeling her breath dwindle to a toothpick. Guy wandered into the hallway, seeing other nurses speed at him with needles that could definitely put him to sleep.
Guy blacked out for a while, having no clue what he was doing, as his living corpse started to absorb static electricity, "I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!" That one charge of static electricity was soon concentrated and was shot straight down the hallway in a burst to the wall. The male nurses were torn into pieces from the concentrated ball of electricity... (Work in progress, will continue later)


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