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The day of confessions

It was a cold Wednesday morning and Father O Dowd opened the doors to St Bernadettes catholic church for confession. It wasn't long before a pretty young lady entered the confessional and said "Forgive me father for I have sinned". As usual the reply came back " What is your sin my child?" The young lady took in a gulp of air and then confessed " Oh forgive me father but I met a man called Swanley John in the park today and had sex with him behind the bandstand!" Father O Dowd made a few reproachful noises and then told her to pay twenty pounds into the confessional box and to pray to god for forgiveness before granting her absolution. The young lady walked out of the church and was followed in by a middle aged housewife. "Forgive me father for I have sinned "said the older lady. Father O Dowd then asked what her sin was and the reply was , " Oh father please forgive me because I went to the park and met a man called Swanley John and I had sex with him behind the bushes" . "Very well, pay twenty pounds into the confessional box and pray for forgiveness" said Father O Dowd. This carried on all day and the money in the confessional box was almost over flowing when a man walks into the church. Upon seeing Father O Dowd he walks over and says " Good morning Father. Now my name is Swanley John and if you don't give me half of the money in that confessional box then I'll take my business elsewhere!"


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Sat, 25th Aug 2012
That last line was a killer, I nearly fell off my chair! HAHAHAHA
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Thu, 16th Aug 2012
Ha ha ha, good business sense.
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