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Tue, 21st Mar 2017 | Geoparkartist

Springers are so darn springy

Friday 10th March The dogs have found a ball. It is not a good ball but it can still do its job, with a little help from its friends. Only one of its hollow orbs is still intact, while the other droops sad and deranged. Grey, bald and disabled, the ball is still able to provoke wonder In the dogs, sparking off a major ball hunt. How many journey's has this ball had and what event sent it into a sorry spiral? I bring my arm back and the two...


Thu, 09th Mar 2017 | CTaylor

A lovers lost poem

The agony she could no longer bare Her heart would beat her eyes would stare Looking out onto the horizon she stood Overwhelmed by the terms should would could She was so far away from who she was, she was lost Out of her life she was tossed Heart left beating but unfelt Her cards had now been dealt She just had to play along Even though the game was so wrong It would cost her heart to win...


Thu, 02nd Mar 2017 | TheWizard

Why Do My Old Postings On Noddleit now Appear on my Facebook in the "Memories"?

Why Do My Old Postings On Noddleit now Appear on my Facebook in the "Memories"section on my timeline? Quite a shock this week. Totally complete with old Opryland pic and replies from Noddleit members at the time! Just got one I posted in 2011 when my Mum died. I was not on facebook then. Anyone know why? Agreed, it will not appear unless I click...


Sat, 25th Feb 2017 | MatthewCollins

Country Music / Folk Music

Music lovers everywhere are always interested to hear of new and up and coming bands who they can go and see so that they can kick back for the evening and watch and hear the musicians doing their thing. So ladies and gents let me introduce to you a band from London by the name of Urban Dixie...


Fri, 30th Dec 2016 | Gary1957

You and 2017

With all the upheavel that went through 2016 there is that typical question of what the new year will bring to the world. For the ones that saw Brexit and the election of Trump as the end of civilization not much good, I presume! Those on the...


Sat, 19th Nov 2016 | chriskevinlee

Visionary Dictionary: The Return

It's been quiet on Visionary Dictionary for the past 5 years so I think it's now time to resurrect the postings. Especially as we are a few years on, we can take a look at some of our predictions and...


Mon, 24th Oct 2016 | LIL_Psycho


So what about me? apparently I'm dope with a capital D you can show them where to look but you can't make them see Then the devil delegated me to...



Mon, 07th Apr 2014 | FourEyes

UK Cunnilingus Championships

Congratulations once again to Steve Laister, local entertainer from Torquay, who licked all on his...


Tue, 07th Apr 2015 | Reynard

Vril: from Torquay to Atlantis by Nazi UFO

One of the strangest sub-cultures of the...



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