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The Torquay Casino Killings
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On Tue, 01st Sep 15, Reynard wrote
For 12 months in 1973-74 Torquay had one of the highest murder rates in Britain. This was due to two serious outbreaks of violence which claimed the lives of eight people. We've already mentioned the second of these incidents ' the murder-suicide...

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On Mon, 31st Aug 15, Funcnation wrote
Funcnation is a party and wedding band based in Cambridgeshire but available across the UK. With over 30 years of combined experience, Funcnation is a slick and professional outfit that understands how important your day is. We know how other...

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On Mon, 31st Aug 15, Funcnation wrote
Funcnation is a party and wedding band based in Cambridgeshire but available across the UK. With over 30 years of combined experience, Funcnation is a slick and professional outfit that understands how important your day is. We know how other...

Sex Toys
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On Thu, 27th Aug 15, sexleksaker wrote
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Roebuck: a Torquay tragedy
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On Thu, 27th Aug 15, Reynard wrote
Sometimes you have to think twice before writing an article on local history. Usually past events are so long ago that describing them doesn't directly affect anyone. Indeed, we've covered really sensitive subjects before ' the murder of children...

Grounds keeper
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On Fri, 21st Aug 15, CTaylor wrote
His love was an end, an end to a life that was lived so well alone yet so lonely, his love ended this quiet yearning for affection. His love unwrapped a heart that was so cold and unkempt, he became a grounds keeper and cherished her heart into...

The Barbary Pirates of Torbay
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On Mon, 17th Aug 15, Reynard wrote the Fleece tavern to drink and there we spent till 4 a-clock telling stories of Algier and the manner of the life of Slaves there... those who have been slaves did make me full acquainted with their condition there. As, how they eat nothing...

Laughter tickles my insides
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On Mon, 10th Aug 15, Geoparkartist wrote
It feels eerie in the quarry now the Fulmars have fledged. The brackish pool is felted green. Salty or sweet?'' I'm tempted to taste. Bit of both. Not sure if the sea seeps into this one. It's a bit higher than the other'' We settle on the...

The Devil in Torquay
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On Sun, 02nd Aug 15, Reynard wrote
Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year Stole many a man's soul and faith'' The Rolling Stones' 'Sympathy for the Devil'. (The Stones based their South West Tour from the Grand Hotel...

A little bit of Africa
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On Sat, 01st Aug 15, Geoparkartist wrote
"We find a little bit of Africa. Just off the path at Berry Head. Nigel wants to do Grassland. We sit in the grassland with the dog. No big game, just baby bush crickets and the sound of the sea. "Its been dry this year hasn't it? Is it bad for...

Blue Moon
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On Thu, 23rd Jul 15, Shakytownkid wrote
Looking forward to it.(The moon was full on July 2, and it'll be full again on July 31. The second of two full moons in a calendar month is often called a Blue Moon.) https://www. HeJv80

Three Trees - no not oak
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On Tue, 14th Jul 15, Geoparkartist wrote
"Oak gets a lot of attention" says Nigel "It's a bit like lions and tigers. Big and interesting." "Lets do Sycamore and Hawthorn and maybe a third tree". The branches of the Sycamore are smooth but their lichen is rough. "People don't like...

Our Pagan Torbay
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On Sat, 11th Jul 15, Reynard wrote
Torbay's many fine churches show how important the Christian faith was to local people. Yet there was a time before Christianity, a pagan Bay, and the debate continues over whether pagan beliefs ever fully went away. Development has mostly wiped...

Fulmars have noses
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On Mon, 06th Jul 15, Geoparkartist wrote
The Fulmar has a nose'' says Nigel who has a soft spot for this pretty seabird. Oh?'' It sits on top of the beak." Nigel pinches the top of his nose. It means it can drink water from the sea.'' "Oh?'' "It ejects the salt out of its...

New Signing for UK pantomime Company
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On Thu, 02nd Jul 15, FourEyes wrote
Qdos Pantomime Company have just agreed to sign Japanese Footballer 'Miyama' to work alongside David Hasselhoff in Pantomime in Glasgow this year!! Jeanette Krankie who was originally booked to play alongside The Hoff is said to be upset at the news...

Clare Marie Saunders - Devon Wedding Pianist - Torquay, Newton Abbot, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Paignton, Brixham, Exeter, Plymouth,
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On Wed, 01st Jul 15, ClareMariePianist wrote
CLARE MARIE SAUNDERS - DEVON WEDDING PIANIST; www.cocktailpianist.web www.devon-weddingpianis Areas covered include Torquay, Newton Abbot, Paignton, Brixham, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Exeter, & surrounding areas Based in South...

The Big Tune Up: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
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On Wed, 01st Jul 15, erdedrachen wrote
This is the first ever Big Tune Up post! Aside from jotting down thoughts and happenings at Skyfire Studio, this is also an opportunity to share music with readers. Usually when I get the urge to share music I'll be sitting at work, I'll stumble...

On Gorse, of course
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On Sun, 28th Jun 15, Geoparkartist wrote
Today we go to South Fort, to see the Gorse, of course. I balance my sound recorder on the back of a cliff-top bench. The gorse is taller and fatter than we. I press play. Nigel speaks as I look prickleward. Nigel unfolds a piece of paper. My gaze...

Shag's nest
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On Mon, 22nd Jun 15, Geoparkartist wrote
It's early morning on Berry head as Nigel and I make a bee-line for a special seabird nesting site. Nigel wants to show me what's happening with the shag families just south of South Fort. The cliff top is fluffy with grasses and pink valerian. In...

Keith hall cockington or hazel spiritualists
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On Mon, 15th Jun 15, Emilie wrote
hi can anyone help I'm looking to see either Keith Hall or Hazel , I've lost their telephone numbers would be great if someone could let me have them . Thanks

An Online Business & Monthly Income Opportunity !
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On Mon, 01st Jun 15, BobsBiz wrote
I was introduced a month or so ago to a New Online Business and Monthly Residual Income Opportunity. Currently the Program is in Pre Launch stage, and is due to launch during June. When it does it will be Global, and go Viral very quickly. For...

What's in a Torquay name?
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On Thu, 21st May 15, Reynard wrote
Torquay's history is all around us in names and places. There's a term used in archaeology ' palimpsest. This word originally referred to a page from an old manuscript where the writing has been scraped or washed off and which is then used again....

The Railway Venue (Bolton)
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On Sat, 16th May 15, MatthewCollins wrote
Many of us love to go to a bar with live music, have a few pints with out friends and be entertained by great acts even if you would never see them on Top of the pops. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of the pubs that have live bands on are...

Votes for Women'': Torquay's Suffragettes
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On Thu, 07th May 15, Reynard wrote
As we decide who to vote for, it's worth noting that it wasn't until 1928 that women claimed the right to vote, and the women of Torquay were at the forefront of that struggle. During the campaign for voting rights for women, Torquay had two...

How to get Cheap Sky Tv Deal
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On Sat, 02nd May 15, EntsWork wrote
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