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Torquay's Sidney Proud & post-war British Fascism
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On Mon, 20th Oct 14, Reynard wrote
Including civilian deaths from genocide, war-related disease and famine, the Second World War killed between 50 million and 80 million people. At the end of the war Fascism and Nazism had been overcome and most thought that these ideologies had...

Unwelcome Nazi Guests: Von Ribbentrop & the Schlesien in Torquay
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On Sat, 18th Oct 14, Reynard wrote
In April of 1937 Torquay had two guests, unwelcome to many local people who were well aware of the true nature of their visitors. These callers were the German battleship SMS Schlesien and the German Ambassador Joachim von Ribbentrop. ...

Plgrim Tales: Serge, Jonno and Charile
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On Thu, 16th Oct 14, Geoparkartist wrote
Near Logroo the silouette of a knight pokes the air with his sword. He carries an old frame style backpack and is bent to one-side by the pendulous weight of a black plastic sack. As we approach his sword arm flies as his sword pecks up a tissue, a...

1936: the Fascist Blackshirts & their Torquay opponents
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On Tue, 14th Oct 14, Reynard wrote
'Every generation has the same battles again and again, no issue is finally won and no issue is finally lost.' Tony Benn In early 1931 Oswald Mosley formed the New Party. His manifesto, 'The Greater Britain', then formed the policy base of the...

Hello there wonderful people
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On Mon, 13th Oct 14, CTaylor wrote
Hello there wonderful people!! So I am officially a university student mental health nurse. I have been very busy and apart from writing a goodbye poem to my family I have only one thing to share with you... It is a Christmas song, I was wondering...

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On Sun, 12th Oct 14, EcoWorrier wrote
Many of us will have experienced that phenomenon of as one door closes, so another door opens'' but does it always occur as a result of our actions? Or is there another unseen, intangible agency at work? I am convinced something way beyond my...

Our Haunted Torquay
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On Sat, 11th Oct 14, Reynard wrote
Torquay's many ghosts have evolved along with our town. They tend to appear as we expect them to and change as we change. As a town, Torquay really began in the early eighteenth century. The small rural communities that came together did have a...

" Bin Laden" Paulino and Felisa - Pilgrims Tales
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On Wed, 08th Oct 14, Geoparkartist wrote
We arrive at The Bodega de Irache on the Camino de Santiago Pilgrim trail in Northern Spain hot and parched. The iron gates of the fabled Fuente de vino'' are closed and a dishevelled pilgrim and his dog are occupying the space behind them. '' Come...

Daniel the Courageous - Pilgrim Tales
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On Mon, 29th Sep 14, Geoparkartist wrote
DANIEL THE COURAGEOUS. Waves of barley break over the low-wild hills of Navarra as a we catch up with another pilgrim. There is something about his lurching gait.that worries us. Oh my God,'' says Mark. Heart attack'' I reply. The man stumbles...

Be happier and healthier
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On Mon, 22nd Sep 14, Gary1957 wrote
Almost every year the same country wins the title of the happiest country: Denmark. Congratulations! Scoring their happiness out of 10, they seem to rate themselves a healthy 7.9 while for example the UK scores 7.2. Reason(s)? One is the welfare...

Grampa Summers Is A Gifted Ass-Whisperer
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On Mon, 22nd Sep 14, Talisman wrote
Grampa Summers is a gifted ass-whisperer He has a proctol gift of the gab He can cure whatever ails you With a subtly muttered conflab - Try not to get down wind of him As he performs this particular feat His breath can become quite...

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On Sat, 20th Sep 14, Tara wrote
Politically, it's been quite an interesting time with the Scottish independence elections. Who would have thought that a year or more ago that the campaigners for independence would have managed to rallied forty five percent of the voting electorate...
[Couldn't care less!]

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On Sat, 20th Sep 14, MatthewCollins wrote
Hello folks Some of you may remember one of my previous posts about music that I was co-writing for a rock album. Anyway, just to let you know that things are now progressing rather nicely and we now have eleven tracks that are really quite...

THHN Charity Variety Show !
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On Fri, 19th Sep 14, BobsBiz wrote
On February 28TH 2015, I am Putting on a Charity Variety Show at the Rainbow International Hotel, Belgrave Road, Torquay. All Proceeds from this Event are In Aid Of The TORBAY HOLIDAY HELPERS NETWORK. A Locally Based Charity. TICKETS are Now...

Tommo Building A Bypass
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On Thu, 18th Sep 14, angie wrote
Hi All I havn't written a post for well over 12 months I just dip in & out of others, but I really want to share this with you all as I personally think it is great though of course you are all entitled to your own opinion. Tommo is a friend of...

La Muse
222 Views, 1 Nod, 2 Comments.
On Mon, 15th Sep 14, CTaylor wrote
There are times that seem so far away, times you find hard hidden within each day. Unspoken words that whistle in the wind, wishing they could have been said and not felt sinned. Life can be seen as a puzzle waiting for pieces to fit, there is an...

Shampoo, shrine and a pop-up shelter- Tales from the Camino
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On Thu, 11th Sep 14, Geoparkartist wrote
What to pack in your rucksack and what to leave out is the all time Big Camino Question. I wanted to enjoy walking but not to suffer too much discomfort and I knew that getting it right might make or break our trip so it was essential to get it...

Granny Summers Was A Psychic Flasher
313 Views, 3 Nods, 4 Comments.
On Sun, 07th Sep 14, Talisman wrote
Granny Summers was a psychic flasher She'd read your palm, whilst stood in the nip If you're into the flesh of a pensioner It really is well worth the trip - She'll make a prediction about your future With one leg behind her head You'll get...

Walking on the Camino de Santiago pilgrim trail
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On Tue, 02nd Sep 14, Geoparkartist wrote
Our Camino de Santiago experience began at as Mark and I stepped off the bus at Pamplona bus station by the star shaped fort they have there. A grandfather became our first guide directing us towards a tree with a yellow arrow. The way may also be...

Torquay's kids are alright!
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On Wed, 27th Aug 14, Reynard wrote
Back in 1850 Torquay's young offenders had a fairly rough time. For example, Stephen, aged 13, was given '12 stripes' (flogged) for stealing a one shilling tin of biscuits, while 14 year old Matthew received three weeks hard labour for taking...

One for the Girls.....
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On Tue, 26th Aug 14, colgiff wrote
Answers to the Why's of Men: 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX (because they are plugged into a genius) --------------- ------------------------- ------ 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough...

He say's........ She say's................
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On Tue, 26th Aug 14, colgiff wrote
Woman : Do you drink beer? Man : Yes Woman : How many beers a day ? Man : Usually about 3 Woman : How much do you pay per beer ? Man : £3.00 which includes a tip . ( This is where it gets scary !) Woman : And how long...

Thinking of you all.
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On Sun, 24th Aug 14, Shakytownkid wrote
Just one for the Bank Holiday Monday. https://www.yo mfEc

The Gypsy
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On Sat, 23rd Aug 14, MatthewCollins wrote
Tell me gyspy can you see me in your crystal ball I'm asking you to tell me what to do in my time of need Danger lurks waiting for me every corner turned What can I do to protect myself from a dreadful deed? I came to you once before to consult your...

'Do It Cos You Like it': Torquay United's Justin Fashanu 1961-1998
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On Thu, 21st Aug 14, Reynard wrote
'Someone who struggled with a difficult family background and a host of prejudices, against his ethnicity, his sexuality and his faith, in a time that probably wasn't ready for him.' Juliet Jacques on Justin Fashanu The talented player Justin...

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