Sat, 01st May 2010 | MattRogan

This Bank Holiday weekend events

Hey .. so of course a couple of big events this weekend spring to mind this weekend .. The Brixham Pirate Festival is on including the world record attempt for the largest number of pirates ( details on our website link ) and of course BMAD I'm back on the air Monday morning from 8am - 12 and don't want to miss plugging anything else good that might be happening in the area.. so if you know of something let us know and I will mention it...


Tue, 21st Oct 2014 | Tara

Space Elevator

friend recently introduced me to a band called Space Elevator. I bought the album and have played it constantly in my car ever since. It's one of those albums that may never sell in it's millions but the quality of the writing is amazing and the young lady who sings ( The Duchess) is very talented indeed. This is one to look out for and if you'll take a tip then you should buy it or download it....


Thu, 27th Nov 2008 | Hoodie

Home Working

A minimum of 30% of the working population will work from home, thanks to advances in technology and incentives given to businesses by Governments striving to cut commuter traffic and pollution. Previous office sites will be converted into housing or be flattened for housing.


Mon, 24th May 2010 | Bluehound

Mousie Brown - a shortish story

On entering the room she admired the man's physique, he was so powerful and strong yet supple and flexible; she crossed the floor to meet him. Mrs Brown always wore a disguise when she met her three men, a different wig and a different name for each. The one she was meeting now thought she was a...


Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 | Reynard

With my little stick of Torquay Rock

Seaside rock is a British phenomenon. Wherever there is a British working class tourist, there is rock ' from Blackpool to Benidorm, and, of course, Torquay. The Americans have a barber's pole-style candy cane, which are often used as Christmas...


Tue, 25th Aug 2009 | Cuddy

Red Arrows

I recently saw the Dawlish Airshow and it inspired to want to fly a Red Arrow. When I got home I researched into becoming a Red Arrow pilot and found that I had to complete so many hours on the...


Wed, 25th Mar 2009 | ChrisChaplin

VD Notice Board

An addition to the 'Latest Site News' facility will be the 'NewView' Notice Board. This will be used for various Adverts/Notes : Community...


What's Hot

Sun, 18th Oct 2009 | nibbles

Current Mortgages

To Fix or not to Fix? That is the question! It is so hard to know what to do for the best, which...


Tue, 29th Sep 2009 | BigCol

Board games

Do you still get around a table and play board...



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