Sun, 02nd Nov 2014 | MatthewCollins

X Factor

For the last ten years or so we have had the X Factor wannabees thrust down our throats and it seems to me that this year they are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. In my opinion there is only you young man from Italy who is a truly great singer and that in itself says much about the so called talent we have in the UK. Whilst I agree that we need talent shows on the magic tele box, I really feel that it's time to dispense with Simon...


Tue, 21st Oct 2014 | Tara

Space Elevator

friend recently introduced me to a band called Space Elevator. I bought the album and have played it constantly in my car ever since. It's one of those albums that may never sell in it's millions but the quality of the writing is amazing and the young lady who sings ( The Duchess) is very talented indeed. This is one to look out for and if you'll take a tip then you should buy it or download it....


Sat, 01st May 2010 | MattRogan

This Bank Holiday weekend events

Hey .. so of course a couple of big events this weekend spring to mind this weekend .. The Brixham Pirate Festival is on including the world record attempt for the largest number of pirates ( details on our website link ) and of course BMAD I'm back on the air Monday morning from 8am - 12 and don't want to miss plugging anything else good that...


Sun, 06th May 2012 | Jilly

Falling off the edge of a cliff - - I read Depressions articles and wondered if this helps

I often think of closing the door In fact lately I think of it more It's like living in another time Very much like losing my mind I'm looking at the table round Feeling lke a servant of the crown Going out of my mind When all around me is the daily grind I don't want to feel this way ever...


Mon, 14th Apr 2014 | Lucy

Lonely woman blues ...This is for MC's challenge

Walking alone in the street Tears staining my face No one to talk to No one to love It's the lonely womans blues Lonely womans blues Nothing new not in the news No man will hurt me No not any more I'll pick myself up from he floor Got to look...


Thu, 22nd Jan 2015 | Geoparkartist

The Beautiful people,Brazillians and Kelly. Tales from the Camino

Belleza!!'' Our eyes open to four pairs of walking boots, eight pairs of black thermal legs topped by shorts. Erphff'' Too many people, too close, too early. Windmills thrum in my head. I plunk...


Tue, 27th Dec 2011 | riveriakid

Nice Ass!

OK!Calm Down. Just wondering how we generate Views! If ColGif can generate 100 + Views with the header "Girlfriend" I am waiting to see my result....


What's Hot

Sat, 04th Aug 2012 | Recycleskybox

Tweet Adder 3 The #1 twitter tool

Tweet Adder 3 Automated Twitter Marketing Software & Promotion Find and Engage in Like-Minded...


Sun, 18th Oct 2009 | nibbles

Current Mortgages

To Fix or not to Fix? That is the question! It is...



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