Sun, 18th Oct 2009 | nibbles

Current Mortgages

To Fix or not to Fix? That is the question! It is so hard to know what to do for the best, which would you choose and your reasons why.


Sun, 06th May 2012 | Jilly

Falling off the edge of a cliff - - I read Depressions articles and wondered if this helps

I often think of closing the door In fact lately I think of it more It's like living in another time Very much like losing my mind I'm looking at the table round Feeling lke a servant of the crown Going out of my mind When all around me is the daily grind I don't want to feel this way ever again Listen to me and believe if ever you can I feel like this is the end I've seen the faces of doom...


Thu, 27th Aug 2015 | Reynard

Roebuck: a Torquay tragedy

Sometimes you have to think twice before writing an article on local history. Usually past events are so long ago that describing them doesn't directly affect anyone. Indeed, we've covered really sensitive subjects before ' the murder of children in Torquay, for example, but that was in the mid-nineteenth century. However, with terrible events...


Tue, 21st Oct 2014 | Tara

Space Elevator

friend recently introduced me to a band called Space Elevator. I bought the album and have played it constantly in my car ever since. It's one of those albums that may never sell in it's millions but the quality of the writing is amazing and the young lady who sings ( The Duchess) is very talented...


Sun, 11th Nov 2012 | MatthewCollins

The Soldiers dance. ( For those who never came home)

When the night is young they begin to gather round A mating call for one and all it starts with a sound Impress them you must as the ritual nears the hour No time to be shy now take heart and show some valour A sacred dance that many do, looks to...


Mon, 31st Aug 2015 | Funcnation


Funcnation is a party and wedding band based in Cambridgeshire but available across the UK. With over 30 years of combined experience, Funcnation is a slick and professional outfit that understands...


Thu, 27th Aug 2015 | sexleksaker

Sex Toys

Sextoyonlinestore your erotic shop - dreams to life with the perfect sex! Sextoyonlinestore.com are the best sex toy store online! Adult Sex Toys -...


What's Hot

Wed, 12th May 2010 | Dawnsmoss

Scarlet Moss needs your help!

Hey guys! I really would love to have your support on a competition I have entered. If I win...


Tue, 29th Sep 2009 | BigCol

Board games

Do you still get around a table and play board...



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