Thu, 24th Apr 2014 | MatthewCollins

You see him standing close as...

You see him standing close as the light dims Your eyes can see him but others cannot No visible eyes only black rims He's come to take you, you've had your lot With sythe in hand and cloak of black Deaths own messenger ready to take you Eyes now dimming turning the light to black Staring out but nothing to view His money hand reaching right out I'm the Grim Reaper please take my hand You're so frightened you want to shout Yet so powerless you...


Thu, 24th Apr 2014 | BigCol

Love's Never Powerless - a song from BigCol

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUukuhOuF7Q&feature=youtu.be We're being all lyrical and poetic on Noddleit lately so I thought I'd post another one of my songs whilst shamelessly promoting the album from which it comes. The harmony on the track is sung by Deacongirl a well loved past Noddleit user. I'll let her know I've posted this, you never know it might coax her back for a...


Wed, 23rd Apr 2014 | MasterSignwriter

They tore down the ABC

Emily, they tore down the ABC where we went, every Friday You and Me, in the back row pretending to watch with Technicolor tinted glasses, and reading each other in brail, tracing curves and bulges with anonymity, our intentions spelt out with popcorn fingers fumbling, buttons and zippers, hidden under half light projected, protected by the...


Wed, 23rd Apr 2014 | ANIMALKRIMINAL


I fell down the side of my mind i was hiding my shine from the world outside don't chase the buzz because the buzz becomes the habit then right before your eyes addiction's your demise now you're a victim of the high low ride can't get of this invisible secret slide momentarily i was scared of my...


Wed, 23rd Apr 2014 | Jilly

The junkies poem

Foolish intention the folly of youth Masking a painful truth Unable you even tell you why Taking drugs the interior high Speeding along on a rollercoaster Highs and lows the journey takes Zipping along no interest in breaks Spinning around like a...


Tue, 22nd Apr 2014 | Talisman

This poem comprises Of...

This poem comprises Of many turns and twists With insight more penetrating Than a lesbian lover's fists Okay! I might be lying And my writing may be shite But, who of you amongst us Can pen...


Mon, 21st Apr 2014 | Lucy

Reawakening. Lucy's second go at MatthewsCollins' challenge

I look in the mirror and hate what I see Bruised, battered and bloody is how I seem to be That lonely person so shamelessly ignored With a quirky...



Sat, 19th Apr 2014 | Reynard

TW Booker's 1815 Ode to Torquay

Way back in 1815, the poet TW Booker wrote a poem about Torquay entitled well'Torquay: A Poem'. A...


Fri, 18th Apr 2014 | LyricalEyes

Trap Doors

Your hand around my throat I felt, as down upon...



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