Sun, 14th Dec 2014 | MatthewCollins

Space Elevator "LIVE"

I have had the great privilege of seeing Space Elevator up close and personal at the Railway Venue, Bolton. Big deal or so bleedin what you may say but let me tell you that this is an up and coming band and I would urge anybody out there to put your hand in your pocket and buy a ticket because you will not be disappointed at all. In the intimate setting of the Railway Venue I was able to experience at first hand the amazing atmosphere of the...


Sat, 01st May 2010 | MattRogan

This Bank Holiday weekend events

Hey .. so of course a couple of big events this weekend spring to mind this weekend .. The Brixham Pirate Festival is on including the world record attempt for the largest number of pirates ( details on our website link ) and of course BMAD I'm back on the air Monday morning from 8am - 12 and don't want to miss plugging anything else good that might be happening in the area.. so if you know of...


Tue, 21st Oct 2014 | Tara

Space Elevator

friend recently introduced me to a band called Space Elevator. I bought the album and have played it constantly in my car ever since. It's one of those albums that may never sell in it's millions but the quality of the writing is amazing and the young lady who sings ( The Duchess) is very talented indeed. This is one to look out for and if you'll...


Tue, 07th Jun 2011 | palmfm

Romantic Gesture

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done or received. We have all sent flowers and chocolates so have you done anything a little bit out of the ordinary? Let us know now.


Sat, 19th Apr 2014 | Reynard

TW Booker's 1815 Ode to Torquay

Way back in 1815, the poet TW Booker wrote a poem about Torquay entitled well'Torquay: A Poem'. A century later it was being hailed as having successfully predicted that the town would become a prosperous tourist resort, its hills boasting villas...


Fri, 05th Dec 2014 | Lucy

Classic Car

Hi folks I hope that you're all well. It's not very often that I decide to spend any money that I deem to be spare but I was feeling quite flush because I made a few good deals. Anyway, I have bought...


Mon, 07th May 2012 | Talisman

The Jackass Generation

The jackass generation. I'm always at a quandary, as to what I can do to decorate the home. Especially the kids bedrooms. You want it to be...


What's Hot

Mon, 24th May 2010 | Bluehound

Mousie Brown - a shortish story

On entering the room she admired the man's physique, he was so powerful and strong yet supple and...


Sat, 01st Nov 2014 | Jilly

Depression. It's more common than you'd imagine!

None of you know me because I hide No Self...



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